What ‘Miss Liverpool’ teaches us about superficiality

Superficiality, is that a word? It sounded right in my head but on paper I had to second guess myself. Anyway, (there is a point to this introduction I promise) upon Googling - just to make sure - I came across the following definition. And it reinforced to me that I've actually chosen the exact word to… Continue reading What ‘Miss Liverpool’ teaches us about superficiality

The Army's recruitment posters 2019

Creative campaigns #3 – the Army’s recruitment posters

2019 is just a few days underway, yet I'm finding myself writing about a new creative campaign every single day at the moment. Forget year of the Pig, it's the year of reactive PR... Apparently. Maybe there's something in the air this year following Vitamin Water setting the standards very late on in 2018. But at… Continue reading Creative campaigns #3 – the Army’s recruitment posters

John Lewis Twitter Ad

The @JohnLewis (Twitter) ad – and why it’s ICONIC

Last week, I voiced my opinions on the new John Lewis Christmas ad, and how it was (to me) a bit of a disappointment. Displaying a total lack of pre-campaign sell in (which is their signature move), and focusing more on their iconic casting rather than the actual content of the advertisement - I certainly… Continue reading The @JohnLewis (Twitter) ad – and why it’s ICONIC


See that door? Quit this scene, you’re not a dancing queen… Here’s the PR behind the dancing

When was the last time you heard Brexit being widely spoken about? Probably before the Conservative party conference right? If you're nodding your head right now in agreement, you should know this is no coincidence at all.


It’s Time to Call the Shots on Gun Law

Sorry for the slight AWOL recently - i've been very busy moving out of university and freelancing, my blog has suffered at the hands of this and i'm all too aware. I'll be putting extra effort in to getting posts out for you guys soon, both lifestyle and PR. But for now, I have another… Continue reading It’s Time to Call the Shots on Gun Law


A MAGA Bad Idea?

Pardon the in-bad-taste pun in the title, and try not to let it distract you from the matter in hand. Whether you're a K.W. fan or not, you'd still have to be kinda' a hermit to have let his recent Twitter activity slip your eye. Ahead of his latest product launch, Kanye has took to… Continue reading A MAGA Bad Idea?


How McDonalds Monopolised the in-play Fast Food Industry (literally)

Today marks the start of the 31-year strong McDonalds Monopoly promotion. An in-play 'game' that involves the collection of monopoly tiles in order to win a range of prizes. From a PR perspective, the fact this game is still running over thirty years later with very few adjustments to it is extremely impressive and really is worth… Continue reading How McDonalds Monopolised the in-play Fast Food Industry (literally)


Marketing Mishaps 101

I'm a big fan of writing about current mishaps and mess-ups that I take note of in the press. Marketing is one of those things that has to be done right. If not, it has the capacity to possibly destroy your brand reputation and ultimately, cause business failure. Here are some of the biggest marketing mess-ups… Continue reading Marketing Mishaps 101