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Major McFail: McDonalds ‘Vegan’ Dippers

We're just three days into the new year and there's already been a bit of a marketing cock-up by none other than McDonald's. A brand that I was only talking about a few days ago due to the impressive efforts of arguably it's biggest competitor. From being undermined by Burger King, to being outdone by… Continue reading Major McFail: McDonalds ‘Vegan’ Dippers


Creative Campaigns #10 – ‘Not A Big Mac’

If there's one fast food chain that's renowned for its 'rock-the-boat' campaigns, it's Burger King. And I'm normally not a fan of brands slandering other brands - but this campaign is so ingenious that it's hard not to applaud it. Amid a number of fabulous PR stunts comes another, and this time - it open… Continue reading Creative Campaigns #10 – ‘Not A Big Mac’

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The Top Show-Stopper Campaigns of 2017

So as the year comes to it's end I thought i'd do a round up of some of the best campaigns 2017 has brought us. After highlighting a few notable marketing mess-ups of the year in an earlier post, I thought it only fair to acknowledge those that contrast them. This post is going to… Continue reading The Top Show-Stopper Campaigns of 2017