Can Creative CVs Do More Harm Than Good?

Creative CVs, we've all seen them. Especially since the pandemic started, I've noticed more and more posts on LinkedIn and Twitter of people attaching their CVs to denim jackets, creating games to show them off, and who can forget the time that somebody's application was allegedly sent via owl to Social Chain? Like a domino… Continue reading Can Creative CVs Do More Harm Than Good?


#InternationalWomensDay – My Top 5 PR Inspirations

Happy International Women's Day! To celebrate, I wanted to put together a quick post about some of the women I admire in PR, and who inspire me every day (i'm all about girl power after all). Though there are so many powerful women who are big names in the industry, I wanted to make this… Continue reading #InternationalWomensDay – My Top 5 PR Inspirations