Chester Zoo Save Our Zoo Campaign PR

Creative Campaigns #13 – Chester Zoo Fights For Its Future

Not too long ago I listened to Caroline Sanger-Davis, Director of Marketing at Chester Zoo, explain on a webinar the precautions they had been putting in place to allow for reopening under new social distancing guidelines. Shortly after, the news broke that The Zoo was told it would need to remain shut indefinitely, in an… Continue reading Creative Campaigns #13 – Chester Zoo Fights For Its Future


What ‘Miss Liverpool’ teaches us about superficiality

Superficiality, is that a word? It sounded right in my head but on paper I had to second guess myself. Anyway, (there is a point to this introduction I promise) upon Googling - just to make sure - I came across the following definition. And it reinforced to me that I've actually chosen the exact word to… Continue reading What ‘Miss Liverpool’ teaches us about superficiality

My China Diary
My China Diary

My China Diary – Part One

你好! If you follow me on any form of social media, it'd have been hard for you to miss the fact that i've just come back from a 2 week summer school placement in no other than Shanghai, China. Before realising that every single second of my days would be filled with something or other to do,… Continue reading My China Diary – Part One


The Art of Finishing University

Never before (in my whole, whole life) have I finished whatever I had been doing with my day - whether that be work or something else - and thought "oh I have nothing to do now." My me-time is often plagued with the thought that I should be revising or completing assignments. I mean, even in summer… Continue reading The Art of Finishing University


How Liverpool helps the Homeless

Since moving to Liverpool 2 and a bit years ago, i've fell in love with the city and the people who inhabit it; the only thing that isn't so great is the heartbreaking number of rough sleepers, especially at night. The good news however, is that since living here i've also noticed a fair few… Continue reading How Liverpool helps the Homeless


Final Year and What I’ve Learned so Far

So i'm one term away from completing third year, currently enjoying Christmas break and thinking about the future, so I thought what better a time than to review my time so far! You'll always find your feet Being at uni has changed me as a person much more than I ever could have imagined, I… Continue reading Final Year and What I’ve Learned so Far