Creative Campaigns #1 – Build Your Own Baby Yoda

It's a new year, a whole new decade even, and that means that the clock has been reset on the Creative Campaigns of the year that I write about. Amid a myriad of brilliantly creative marketing stunts last year, I managed to handpick and write about 20 in total. Starting with the iconic 'Greggs Vegan Sausage Roll'… Continue reading Creative Campaigns #1 – Build Your Own Baby Yoda


Advertising: Clever To Be Curt?

Advertising - it's not something I talk about so often, being prominently PR orientated, but it is something I'm really interested in. Personally, I think it's really hard to make adverts effective if they're being broadcasted to a wide audience. If you're aiming for one of the prime time slots, then you've really gotta' have… Continue reading Advertising: Clever To Be Curt?


Major McFail: McDonalds ‘Vegan’ Dippers

We're just three days into the new year and there's already been a bit of a marketing cock-up by none other than McDonald's. A brand that I was only talking about a few days ago due to the impressive efforts of arguably it's biggest competitor. From being undermined by Burger King, to being outdone by… Continue reading Major McFail: McDonalds ‘Vegan’ Dippers


Flack Attack: Caroline’s Career-Busting Moment

You've probably heard the news about Caroline Flack, the antecedent Love Island presenter. Flack has (quite rightly so) bulldozed into the public eye and the media recently after her boyfriend called the Police on her over claims that she'd abused him. As more and more evidence comes to light, it now transpires that Caroline threw… Continue reading Flack Attack: Caroline’s Career-Busting Moment


Creative Campaigns #20 – The Whopper Hides The Big Mac

I've long been a champion of Burger King's campaigns. If I had to crown my favourite marketer of all time, it would undoubtedly be them. From their witty social media, to their wonderfully creative PR stunts, this is a brand that really has everything going for them. That's why their latest gig, unsurprisingly, got another… Continue reading Creative Campaigns #20 – The Whopper Hides The Big Mac

Message on Harrods Christmas lights

Creative Campaigns #19 – Control Harrods’ Christmas Lights

Admittedly, it's been a while since I've written a 'creative campaigns' post (mostly for reasons I divulged recently in a tweet thread). I must do better! This doesn't mean though, that I haven't been taking note. I often give the stunts I come across a quote tweet with comments along the lines of 'smashing' 'love… Continue reading Creative Campaigns #19 – Control Harrods’ Christmas Lights

fortnite blackout marketing stunt

Creative Campaigns #18 – The Fortnite BLACKOUT

"Fortnite has been down for hours as millions of players stare at a black hole" the headline reads, but all I can think is "awesome!". Because while the Fortnite blackout that nobody could have guessed has gamers, parents, and even just casual players, besides themselves. I can't help but think this is one heck of a marketing stunt… Continue reading Creative Campaigns #18 – The Fortnite BLACKOUT

Free costa coffee marketing campaign

Creative Campaigns #17 – Free Coffees For Absolutely EVERYBODY!

Everyone loves a freebie, gee it doesn't take a genius to know that. But normally, you can only pick up something for free if you offer a brand something in exchange. I.e. you sign up to their mailing list, you download their app, you're a brand new customer, and so on. You get the gist.… Continue reading Creative Campaigns #17 – Free Coffees For Absolutely EVERYBODY!

Thomas Cook collapse

Thomas Cook Collapse: Compassion From Brands Or Easy PR?

Here's a tough question, but one I wanted to ask (because I love a tricky ask): in wake of Thomas Cook's collapse, there has been an abundance of brands offering the 20,000+ who've lost their jobs positions within their establishments. Some competitors, some not so much. But is this genuine compassion from the organisations, or just an easy shot at PR? 


Master Of Cover Ups? Dilyn The Dog

If you've ever wondered how public relations works in delaying and masking important news, I have a grand example for you today. But first, let me give you some context. Boris Johnson, current Prime Minister of the UK, is currently dating Carrie Symonds. Who, coincidentally just so happens to be a Public Relations specialist for… Continue reading Master Of Cover Ups? Dilyn The Dog