Why It Pays To Change Tack

Burger King is a brand that's gone viral in the UK for a few reasons recently (some good, some bad). First, was just before Halloween when they launched a campaign that was branded out of touch by many communications professionals, for tormenting real businesses that have closed down. Pandemic or no pandemic, ultimately the failure… Continue reading Why It Pays To Change Tack

fortnite blackout marketing stunt
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Creative Campaigns #18 – The Fortnite BLACKOUT

"Fortnite has been down for hours as millions of players stare at a black hole" the headline reads, but all I can think is "awesome!". Because while the Fortnite blackout that nobody could have guessed has gamers, parents, and even just casual players, besides themselves. I can't help but think this is one heck of a marketing stunt… Continue reading Creative Campaigns #18 – The Fortnite BLACKOUT

Wowcher £99 mystery holiday PR campaign
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Creative Campaigns #15 – Wowcher’s Mystery Holiday Packages

A short while ago, I got caught hook, line and sinker by a stunning PR campaign. I noticed an article on the LadBible, of which the headline read: 'You Can Jet Off To A Mystery Holiday Destination For Just £99'. The byline confirmed that destinations included the likes of: Thailand, Rome, New York, Dubai, Bali,… Continue reading Creative Campaigns #15 – Wowcher’s Mystery Holiday Packages

Great British Bake Off PR

The Great British Bake Off and their ‘showstopper’ PR

Be it a blessing or a curse, when you work in PR, nothing seems so innocent any more. Theresa May does a dance? Intentional. Magazine depicts a plus-sized model on their front cover? A prime example of CSR. The GBBO release a heartfelt tweet on the day of the final? 10000% PUBLIC RELATIONS.  Maybe that… Continue reading The Great British Bake Off and their ‘showstopper’ PR