fortnite blackout marketing stunt
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Creative Campaigns #18 – The Fortnite BLACKOUT

"Fortnite has been down for hours as millions of players stare at a black hole" the headline reads, but all I can think is "awesome!". Because while the Fortnite blackout that nobody could have guessed has gamers, parents, and even just casual players, besides themselves. I can't help but think this is one heck of a marketing stunt… Continue reading Creative Campaigns #18 – The Fortnite BLACKOUT

Thomas Cook collapse
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Thomas Cook Collapse: Compassion From Brands Or Easy PR?

Here's a tough question, but one I wanted to ask (because I love a tricky ask): in wake of Thomas Cook's collapse, there has been an abundance of brands offering the 20,000+ who've lost their jobs positions within their establishments. Some competitors, some not so much. But is this genuine compassion from the organisations, or just an easy shot at PR? 

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Master Of Cover Ups? Dilyn The Dog

If you've ever wondered how public relations works in delaying and masking important news, I have a grand example for you today. But first, let me give you some context. Boris Johnson, current Prime Minister of the UK, is currently dating Carrie Symonds. Who, coincidentally just so happens to be a Public Relations specialist for… Continue reading Master Of Cover Ups? Dilyn The Dog

April Fools day PR
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How Much Effort Should You Be Putting Into Your April Fools’ Comms?

A few days ago, I tweeted about Tinder releasing what was quite clearly an April Fool's gag prematurely. The saying goes that if you make a joke after the clock strikes 12, then the joke is on you instead. But how about exerting your efforts days before the first of April? That's bad luck for sure, right?… Continue reading How Much Effort Should You Be Putting Into Your April Fools’ Comms?

#CommsSchool Homework - My Writing Habits

#CommsSchool Homework – My Writing Habits

This fortnight's #CommsSchool homework is to share your blogging habits with the community. As well addressed by Stephen and Marcel in their Webinar on Tuesday, it's vital to keep on writing, and to populate your blog regularly. Otherwise, what's the point? But, how do you find the time to work a full-time job, go to… Continue reading #CommsSchool Homework – My Writing Habits

The Army's recruitment posters 2019

Creative campaigns #3 – the Army’s recruitment posters

2019 is just a few days underway, yet I'm finding myself writing about a new creative campaign every single day at the moment. Forget year of the Pig, it's the year of reactive PR... Apparently. Maybe there's something in the air this year following Vitamin Water setting the standards very late on in 2018. But at… Continue reading Creative campaigns #3 – the Army’s recruitment posters