The Army's recruitment posters 2019

Creative campaigns #3 – the Army’s recruitment posters

2019 is just a few days underway, yet I'm finding myself writing about a new creative campaign every single day at the moment. Forget year of the Pig, it's the year of reactive PR... Apparently. Maybe there's something in the air this year following Vitamin Water setting the standards very late on in 2018. But at… Continue reading Creative campaigns #3 – the Army’s recruitment posters


Was Kanye right? Has life become a numbers game?

Kanye West - ever famous for being somewhat outspoken and never shy - has recently sparked up yet another conversation. This time, it's with the question: what would happen if our lives weren't so defined by numbers? In a world that's becoming slightly Black Mirror-esque, social popularity is becoming more and more important. So much to the point that not only has social media become a big part of our lifestyle, but also in our careers. Which i'm not saying is a bad thing by the way, part of my job includes social media management - and I love being able to use platforms to make a difference. The way that it should be used. 

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These are the companies that have got social media sussed

Social media isn't an easy thing to nail. Getting your creative content bang on, while also at the same time making sure that nothing you write can be misconstrued is actually really challenging. And that's without mentioning understanding social algorithms and getting posting times exactly right. If you're in charge of a large social account… Continue reading These are the companies that have got social media sussed


It’s Time to Call the Shots on Gun Law

Sorry for the slight AWOL recently - i've been very busy moving out of university and freelancing, my blog has suffered at the hands of this and i'm all too aware. I'll be putting extra effort in to getting posts out for you guys soon, both lifestyle and PR. But for now, I have another… Continue reading It’s Time to Call the Shots on Gun Law


Getting my Voice Heard

I've been writing from an early age (and by early age I mean writing stories on our computer with the dial up modem when I was about 7 years old) and I've always loved it. So, why am I studying PR and not journalism? Wouldn't that be more my style? Maybe, but when I started uni… Continue reading Getting my Voice Heard


Are UK companies festive budgets well spent on Xmas ads?

November saw the release of John Lewis' Christmas ad of 2017 and we were introduced to Moz the Monster. The ad has since generated mixed opinions, I personally thought it was nice, a heart-warming addition to JL's festive archives. However I have to agree with the critics that yes, it lacked their traditional Christmas appeal,… Continue reading Are UK companies festive budgets well spent on Xmas ads?