Jacinda Ardern Communications Queen

Crisis Communications: What We Can Learn From Jacinda Ardern

Jacinda Ardern, in my opinion, has set a precedent for modern politics that every world leader should aspire to. New Zealand's youngest prime minister in more than 150 years, Ardern has been globally praised for her prolific efforts in deadling with the global Coronavirus crisis. There's one blindingly obvious reason as to why this is, I believe.… Continue reading Crisis Communications: What We Can Learn From Jacinda Ardern


My #PowerAndInfluence Discussion Overview – PR & Morals

After being a keen follower of the #PowerAndInfluence discussions, hosted by PR-superstar Ella Minty, for a while - I was so pleased when I was asked if I'd like to host one. Amongst some of the biggest names in the industry, it was a total honour to even be a part of these discussions, let alone a… Continue reading My #PowerAndInfluence Discussion Overview – PR & Morals


Crisis Management Is FCKing Important

Unless you've been living under a rock, you'd have heard of KFC and their chicken (or rather lack of) problem this week. A chicken restaurant that runs out of chicken due to a supply issue doesn't exactly sound like a recipe for success now, does it? But what does a company do in this situation?… Continue reading Crisis Management Is FCKing Important