My #PowerAndInfluence Discussion Overview – PR & Morals

After being a keen follower of the #PowerAndInfluence discussions, hosted by PR-superstar Ella Minty, for a while – I was so pleased when I was asked if I’d like to host one.

Amongst some of the biggest names in the industry, it was a total honour to even be a part of these discussions, let alone a host. But, nevertheless, I (of course) rose to the challenge and set about planning my first conversation.

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My #PowerAndInfluence topic

‘So if you’re so passionate about helping the homeless, would you work with a client who shuns homeless people?‘ was a question I was asked not too long ago in an interview (you know the ones that are purposely designed to catch you out? Yeah, those).

And at the time, it stumped me. (I mean I’m quite a talker under pressure, so I probably waffled on just enough to get me by the question, but it still didn’t leave it wholly answered). I’m very passionate about a lot of causes (plastic pollution, animal testing and homelessness to name a few), yet in the same breath – I’m passionate about PR and my career too. So, where does one draw the line?

This is quite how my ‘line’ looked before our #PowerAndInfluence discussion

This is what prompted me to raise the question in my #PowerAndInfluence discussion – would you work with a client whose morals you don’t necessarily agree with?

Luckily, I work in an agency where we work with great clients, and I’ve never been in the situation myself where I’d have to make a choice. However, I believed it to be an important and topical question nevertheless; and one, being admittedly young in the industry, that I didn’t really know the answer to. And therefore, my 17th October discussion was born.

PR and morals - #PowerAndInfluence discussion

But enough of me talking. (I did enough of that a coupla’ weeks ago – as I’m sure Ella and the other participants would tell you!)

Let’s look at some of the top viewpoints raised in the discussion. All valid, and all supported. I couldn’t have wished for a heartier debate.

What comes first, your job or your morals?

Here’s some who’d never work with a client whose morals they disagreed with…

Here’s some who would

And here’s some who provided some validated arguments for both sides

(Side note from me, here’s Richard’s article to read).

Oh, and here’s a supporting case study that I just love. Thanks, Rob!

I think, as far as discussions go, this one was truly remarkable.

With validated arguments from both sides, plenty of great points raised and a real-life example to round it all off, the debate was certainly flavourful and valuable by all admission.

You can see both sides of what turned into quite the (friendly) altercation above, and for now, I’ll leave that with you to consume. Meanwhile, I’m going to be working on a second blog post (don’t say I don’t treat you) where I aim to, all viewpoints considered, answer the question – should you ever work for a client whose morals you don’t agree with?

Look out for it.

In the interim, here are a few articles you might like to read, following the #PowerAndInfluence discussion. (Just like extra reading, sorry to make you feel as though you’re back in school guys – I can promise this content’s a lot more interesting).

Amanda Coleman’s ‘In Total Agreement

Ella Minty’s ‘#PowerAndInfluence catch ups

Richard Evans’ ‘Is It Okay For PR Companies To Work With Tobacco Companies?’

And an interesting one from the wider business world…

Undercover Recruiter’s ‘4 ways to work with a client you DON’T like

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