Did Snapchap REALLY Make A $1.3 billion Mistake?

As far as in-app update mistakes go, Snapchat topped the tables this week with their completely resigned interface that came with no prior warning or option to update. I think it's safe to say, having the app myself and following social media comments, that there's not a person who favours this update to its previous… Continue reading Did Snapchap REALLY Make A $1.3 billion Mistake?


Crisis Management Is FCKing Important

Unless you've been living under a rock, you'd have heard of KFC and their chicken (or rather lack of) problem this week. A chicken restaurant that runs out of chicken due to a supply issue doesn't exactly sound like a recipe for success now, does it? But what does a company do in this situation?… Continue reading Crisis Management Is FCKing Important

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Looking At The PR Of The Royal Wedding

So yesterday saw the engagement of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and although many have expressed their congratulations towards the happy couple, as always, there are sceptics amongst the crowds. Royal weddings, although lovely, are often extortionately priced and this primarily comes out of tax payers money (allegedly) - leading one to question: are they… Continue reading Looking At The PR Of The Royal Wedding