Solidarity On Social Media: What Did It Achieve?

A little over two weeks ago, social media fell silent for the day. Something quite unlike I've ever seen before, my feed was filled with black squares and the hashtag #BlackOutTuesday. Why? To show solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement after the murder of George Floyd by Derek Chauvin in Minneapolis. I'll spare the… Continue reading Solidarity On Social Media: What Did It Achieve?

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From Tumbleweeds To Twitter Fame

Never has a story better demonstrated the sheer power of social media than that of Petersfield bookshop. A story I've had the pleasure of following right from the beginning, and one that I've really enjoyed watching blossom into what it is today. It started like this. From Tumbleweeds... "...Tumbleweed... Not a single book sold today...… Continue reading From Tumbleweeds To Twitter Fame

Fact Check UK - Conservative Twitter account stunt
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Fact Check UK: The Most Distasteful Stunt Of The Election So Far?

I very seldom comment on politics, but this is one I cannot ignore. Last night, the Johnson v Corbyn Leaders Debate aired on ITV. Yet unexpectedly, that's not what conversation on Twitter was necessarily geared towards. Granted, the debate was rather mundane. Nothing particularly controversial happened and, unsurprisingly, Brexit rather dominated the whole discussion. So,… Continue reading Fact Check UK: The Most Distasteful Stunt Of The Election So Far?

World famous egg

What an EGG teaches us about social media

"What an egg teaches us about social media" well there's a heading I never thought I'd write. But, in the wake of the recent world record broken for most Instagram likes by a stock photo egg, here I am. The egg in question, perhaps better known as the @world_record_egg, stole the record for 'most liked… Continue reading What an EGG teaches us about social media

Vitamin Water no phone for a year campaign

#NoPhoneForAYear – my favourite campaign of 2019 ALREADY

When you work in Public Relations, keeping in touch with the news is an important part of your job. Whether it's seeking out journalists, eyeing out press opportunities or just generally keeping in the know; most of my days start with a quick flick through the news. And that's when I noticed this morning that… Continue reading #NoPhoneForAYear – my favourite campaign of 2019 ALREADY

Best Christmas ads of 2018

My top 5 Christmas ads of 2018

Is it that time? Yeah, you better believe it is! I LOVE Christmas adverts, and seasonal marketing is perhaps my favourite of all. From the iconic Coca-Cola truck, to the abundance of wonderful ads that bless our TV screens every year - I just adore it all. Festive advertising really is a tough one to nail, yet every… Continue reading My top 5 Christmas ads of 2018

John Lewis Twitter Ad

The @JohnLewis (Twitter) ad – and why it’s ICONIC

Last week, I voiced my opinions on the new John Lewis Christmas ad, and how it was (to me) a bit of a disappointment. Displaying a total lack of pre-campaign sell in (which is their signature move), and focusing more on their iconic casting rather than the actual content of the advertisement - I certainly… Continue reading The @JohnLewis (Twitter) ad – and why it’s ICONIC

Great British Bake Off PR

The Great British Bake Off and their ‘showstopper’ PR

Be it a blessing or a curse, when you work in PR, nothing seems so innocent any more. Theresa May does a dance? Intentional. Magazine depicts a plus-sized model on their front cover? A prime example of CSR. The GBBO release a heartfelt tweet on the day of the final? 10000% PUBLIC RELATIONS.  Maybe that… Continue reading The Great British Bake Off and their ‘showstopper’ PR

How are youtubers their own PR demons

This is how YouTubers can (and do) become their own PR demons

You'd think by now that people would be aware that they need to be careful with what they say online. But evidently, that isn't always the case. I've been thinking a lot lately about YouTubers and how many apology videos I see on my timeline day in and day out. In one sense, I do… Continue reading This is how YouTubers can (and do) become their own PR demons


Was Kanye right? Has life become a numbers game?

Kanye West - ever famous for being somewhat outspoken and never shy - has recently sparked up yet another conversation. This time, it's with the question: what would happen if our lives weren't so defined by numbers? In a world that's becoming slightly Black Mirror-esque, social popularity is becoming more and more important. So much to the point that not only has social media become a big part of our lifestyle, but also in our careers. Which i'm not saying is a bad thing by the way, part of my job includes social media management - and I love being able to use platforms to make a difference. The way that it should be used.