National Vs. Regional Press Coverage, Who Wins?

Over the weekend, I've had coverage come in from both national papers and regional papers, I get equally excited about both - which led me to thinking, what's more valuable? National coverage, or regional print coverage. Can they really be compared? My colleague Beth recently wrote a great blog on a similar topic. With readerships… Continue reading National Vs. Regional Press Coverage, Who Wins?


2019’s Creative Campaigns #4 – Fiji Photobombs

Product placement is one thing, but have you ever heard of person placement? Well, if you haven't you're about to. Because the Golden Globes saw a perfect exemplar of it just a few nights ago with their Fiji brand representative; who just-so-happened to be in the right place at the right time... Over and over (and… Continue reading 2019’s Creative Campaigns #4 – Fiji Photobombs