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M&S’s ‘LGBT Sandwich’ Is The Epitome Of Cheap Marketing

I don't belong to the LGBT+ community, but if I did I can't say I'd be too happy with M&S's latest addition to their deli range. After oppression that's lasted an eternity, the acceptance of those belonging within the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer etc. community has progressed greatly. This is thanks in no small… Continue reading M&S’s ‘LGBT Sandwich’ Is The Epitome Of Cheap Marketing


Creative Campaigns #10 – ‘Not A Big Mac’

If there's one fast food chain that's renowned for its 'rock-the-boat' campaigns, it's Burger King. And I'm normally not a fan of brands slandering other brands - but this campaign is so ingenious that it's hard not to applaud it. Amid a number of fabulous PR stunts comes another, and this time - it open… Continue reading Creative Campaigns #10 – ‘Not A Big Mac’

Banned Iceland Ad - Rang Tan

This is how Iceland’s banned advert will probably be Christmas #1 this year

How they didn't see it coming I don't know. As I'm almost 100% sure we all did. Publicly banning a Christmas advertisement that highlighted yes a controversial, but also very topical and very serious issue was never going to do the A.S.A any favours. Not least for their reputation as an official body, but also simply because… Continue reading This is how Iceland’s banned advert will probably be Christmas #1 this year

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These are the companies that have got social media sussed

Social media isn't an easy thing to nail. Getting your creative content bang on, while also at the same time making sure that nothing you write can be misconstrued is actually really challenging. And that's without mentioning understanding social algorithms and getting posting times exactly right. If you're in charge of a large social account… Continue reading These are the companies that have got social media sussed


The Art of Finishing University

Never before (in my whole, whole life) have I finished whatever I had been doing with my day - whether that be work or something else - and thought "oh I have nothing to do now." My me-time is often plagued with the thought that I should be revising or completing assignments. I mean, even in summer… Continue reading The Art of Finishing University


Who Needs Social Media, eh?

So you've probably heard about Wetherspoons and their oh-so-bold move of deleting all social media this week. The popular pub chain resides in my heart, I mean, i'll always have a soft spot for Spoons and I personally can completely back their decision to 'ghost' all forms of social media. Wetherspoons dropped the 'bombshell' literally… Continue reading Who Needs Social Media, eh?


The PR Domino Effect

I'm a sucker (pardon the pun) for a good PR movement, and the reduction of straws in major restaurant chains is a certain exemplar of one. Bye-bye to plastic straws This year has seen many big names in the industry waving goodbye to plastic straws in a bid to end the 'plastic tide' of waste… Continue reading The PR Domino Effect


A Good Idea and a Poor Execution

I'm forever going over the importance of social media, and today I have yet another example of how not to use it. Brewdog, the self-proclaimed 'hardcore' beer brand was picked up in the news today regarding their latest product: the Pink IPA. A product which, if you actually read about it has a pretty interesting concept behind.… Continue reading A Good Idea and a Poor Execution


Switch it up or Leave it Alone?

Coca Cola is making some pretty big changes to its brand this year, including the redesign of their traditional Diet Coke packaging and the introduction of an array of new 'weird and wonderful' flavours to partner this: Ginger Lime Fiesty Cherry Zesty Blood Orange Twisted Mango One I thing we can all agree on is… Continue reading Switch it up or Leave it Alone?