Vitamin Water no phone for a year campaign

#NoPhoneForAYear – my favourite campaign of 2019 ALREADY

When you work in Public Relations, keeping in touch with the news is an important part of your job. Whether it's seeking out journalists, eyeing out press opportunities or just generally keeping in the know; most of my days start with a quick flick through the news. And that's when I noticed this morning that… Continue reading #NoPhoneForAYear – my favourite campaign of 2019 ALREADY


Snapchat and their Second Crisis of 2018

Ah Snapchat, it hasn't been a good year so far has it? After losing an estimated $1.3billion following an unwelcomed update, and being disowned by Kylie Jenner (one of their biggest advocates) on the back of that, it could have been thought that Snapchat had seen their last dose of crisis' for the year, but… Continue reading Snapchat and their Second Crisis of 2018


Snapchat and the $1.3 billion Mistake

As far as in-app update mistakes go, Snapchat topped the tables this week with their completely resigned interface that came with no prior warning or option to update. I think it's safe to say, having the app myself and following social media comments, that there's not a person who favours this update to its previous… Continue reading Snapchat and the $1.3 billion Mistake