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2019’s Creative Campaigns #15 – Wowcher’s Mystery Holiday Packages

A short while ago, I got caught hook, line and sinker by a stunning PR campaign. I noticed an article on the LadBible, of which the headline read: ‘You Can Jet Off To A Mystery Holiday Destination For Just £99‘. The byline confirmed that destinations included the likes of: Thailand, Rome, New York, Dubai, Bali, Ibiza and even Disneyland Paris

The Wowcher Mystery Holiday Deal & The Fine Print

Uh, instantly sold. However, knowing myself and knowing what a good publicity stunt looks like, I did a little bit more digging before I hurriedly added the package to my basket (after the article pressed that there were only a limited amount of spaces available). I soon found out that a lot of the destinations available were actually just 2 or 3 nights in Spain, or lesser-known cities. In other words, they probably weren’t worth the price. This led me to empty my basket and instead just sit back and admire the campaign as it ran its course (and of course, be eternally jealous of the lucky person who ended up with the 5 nights in Dubai for £99). But in doing so, I learned a lot about just how flawless a campaign this actually was by Wowcher. From the press coverage, to the advertising value. They pretty much ticked every single box. 

Side note: funnily enough we actually ended up playing golf with a few people on holiday, and one of the girls took a call mid-game from Wowcher. They revealed her Mystery Package was 3 nights in Warsaw, but she actually ended up having to pay an extra £160 for airport changes and upgrades. So in total, Wowcher probably made a pretty penny from a lot of the patrons of the Mystery Getaway Package. Not to mention the value of all the publicity they got, blah blah blah…

What Makes It Brilliant?

Well, apart from the fact that they’ve cleverly disguised a profit making machine as doing the customer a favour. There’s multiple factors that make this campaign by Wowcher a brilliant one.

It oozes creativity, I love a campaign that’s really interesting. And to be honest, a lot of my thinking now for ideas comes from the question ‘what’s something you could imagine reading in the LadBible’ as this publication is a precedent for topics that you know are going to be a hit on social. If it’s not worthy of attention on the likes of Twitter, Facebook etc., then you know the LadBible aren’t going to cover it. And normally, the kinds of stories they pick up are the kind that get attention from everybody. (Which is great for links as well as reach).

It’s been a hit on social, anyone who works in media relations and link building will know the value of press coverage. Social media virality supports this and further extends the reach of a brand.

Screen Shot 2019-07-01 at 17.19.55.png
Wish it was me x

And, if your idea is good enough, what catches in the press will catch on social media too. This reaches an audience that might not have since been reached by the news articles. And when it’s an attractive idea that draws people in – the exposure can provide millions in Return On Investment.

Screen Shot 2019-07-01 at 17.19.32.png

Reinforcing this, I had a quick peek at Google trends. Funnily enough, even though the campaign launched at the start of june, it’s popularity in search didn’t peak until the end of June. Placing further value in the power of a viral tweet.

Screen Shot 2019-07-01 at 17.24.39.png
Searches for ‘Wowcher’ have risen by 300%, and ‘mystery holiday Wowcher’, 200%

It actually results in sales, because a lot of PR gags and stunts are measured by their reach. Their return on investment is usually proved through AVE or a similar metric, and direct sales aren’t often a result. But with this campaign, it’s interesting enough to catch like wildfire in the press, but also has the encouragement factor that actually makes people hand over their money. Generating revenue from all angles – from the global exposure they’ve received, but also through the immediate sales too.

It’s become an evergreen deal, and by this I mean the landing page that once promoted the deal (that has since expired) has now cleverly re-directed to ‘other deals you might be interested in’. Which includes the likes of their other popular tourist package to Chernobyl. Instead of having a redundant campaign, they’ve capitalised on the popularity that the page would’ve undoubtedly generated. You can’t argue with that effort. They really know how to see a campaign through from start to end.

Not to sound like a Love Island contestant, but for me – this one ticks all the boxes. What do you think? Let me know below, or on Twitter. And also, if anyone booked one of these please let me know where you ended up being destined for – I’m so intrigued and invested in this creative campaign I love hearing everybody’s stories.

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