Nike's ad

Let’s talk about Nike’s iconic Colin Kaepernick ad…

Nobody ever moved forward by standing still, and similarly, nobody ever made noise by remaining quiet. In order to move mountains, you need to have the courage to push. And in fear of sounding a bit like a motivationalist, I'm going to say things in simpler terms. I think that Nike's 'Just Do It' ad… Continue reading Let’s talk about Nike’s iconic Colin Kaepernick ad…


A MAGA Bad Idea?

Pardon the in-bad-taste pun in the title, and try not to let it distract you from the matter in hand. Whether you're a K.W. fan or not, you'd still have to be kinda' a hermit to have let his recent Twitter activity slip your eye. Ahead of his latest product launch, Kanye has took to… Continue reading A MAGA Bad Idea?


Why Trump is a PR Nightmare

Political views aside - as that's what I'm not here to talk about - whatever your opinions are on the current 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump are. I think one thing we can all agree on is that he is literally a PR's worst nightmare. But first off, lets talk about how… Continue reading Why Trump is a PR Nightmare