Cadbury’s – Think It Through Next Time

You’ve probably heard of the ‘white creme egg’ campaign thanks to Cadbury’s, who have promised to give away thousands of pounds to those who find an exclusive white version of the Easter-favourite ‘creme egg’.

But in reality – did they really think it through?

Keen shoppers desperate to find one of the white eggs have been opening countless eggs in supermarkets and retailers and putting them back, meaning shops are forced to write hundreds of products off as trash. That’s not the kind of thing you’re going to want your retailers to have to do.

In a bid to stop shopper, news platforms like the Guardian have released ‘hacks’ on how to find a white egg without opening them. But really, isn’t that missing the point?

Campaigns are meant to raise brand awareness and ultimately, raise profits in a fun and creative way that interests the consumer. Initially, the ‘white creme egg’ competition probably sounded like a good idea, but it would seem those on top did not think it through in real time. I mean, it was pretty inevitable that people were going to act like this, right?

This example highlights the sheer importance of always risk analysing and testing your campaign ideas – before they go out to the public. Had Cadbury’s tested this beforehand, perhaps they’d have anticipated the bad habits of those desperate to claim a prize and come up with a better solution.

It would seem that in hindsight, Cadbury’s probably could have thought this through better, but ultimately – they’re a multi million company and this mishap won’t touch them financially. However, if they want to upkeep a good relationship with their retailers – then they’d do well to think their campaigns through better next time!

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