Creative campaigns #2 – Netflix’s ‘Birdbox challenge’

Who'd heard of the 'Birdbox challenge' before yesterday, not me - that's for sure. So, if it'd have fit in the box, the title of this one really would have been 'Netflix warns people NOT to do 'Birdbox challenge', raises awareness of it (and the movie) instead'.  But unfortunately, it didn't. So, for now, your… Continue reading Creative campaigns #2 – Netflix’s ‘Birdbox challenge’

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7 PR campaigns that i’m loving this year

If you've been following this blog for a while, you'll know that i'm a big fan of PR mishaps and mess-ups. Occasionally however, I do like to applaud the campaigns that I think have been delivered really well. Because, in a world of publicity blunders and brand slip ups, isn't it nice to talk about… Continue reading 7 PR campaigns that i’m loving this year

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5 things we can learn about PR from ‘Friends’

- This one's dedicated to my lovely friend and 'Friends' superfan. Chloe Howard. Happy Birthday love! - So i've been re-watching Friends (for like the 8th time now but who cares) recently and it got the brain ticking. I think on one level or another, we can all resonate with 'Friends'. Whether it be their… Continue reading 5 things we can learn about PR from ‘Friends’


A Not-So Unfortunate PR Plan

PSA: my new favourite Twitter account, (as of today) is the Series of Unfortunate Event's page. I often talk about what happens when brands get their PR wrong, but what happens when they get it right? I often see a lot of good PR, I mean, it's all around us every day (whether you realise… Continue reading A Not-So Unfortunate PR Plan


TV Series I Watched Last Year – & Ones I’d Reccomend

Last year was my year for getting way too involved in TV series (probably at the time that I shouldn't have really amidst a ton of uni work) but nevertheless, I did. I've rounded up my favourites below - some obvious and some not so obvious. I've also dropped in some ones that I tried… Continue reading TV Series I Watched Last Year – & Ones I’d Reccomend