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2020’s Creative Campaigns #8 – Netflix* Shows Are Being Spoiled

Campaign of the year in my eyes so far, I said yesterday.

That was until I realised this wasn’t actually a campaign by Netflix (though I bet they wish it was) but rather a quirky stunt which was the brainchild of Seine Kongruangkit and Matithorn Prachuabmoh Chaimoungkalo of the Miami Ad School Europe in Hamburg, Germany.

What better a way to get people to ‘#StayTheFckHome’ than to threaten to spoil their favourite shows if they leave the house? Honestly, if the government launched this as a national campaign across the UK, I wonder how many more people would actually clean up their act and stop leaving their house?

#StayTheFckHome – Courtesy Of Kngruangkit & Prachuabmoh

As far as I can tell, billboards have been visually erected (I don’t think they’ve actually physically been put up around the country, but I could be wrong) that unapologetically spoils the endings to several of Netflix’s top trending TV shows including Stranger Things, Narcos and Love Is Blind.

WARNING: if you’re in the midst of any of these shows, I implore you to scroll down as obviously, I just have to post a couple of pictures of these billboards now.

Netflix Billboard Spoilers


As the demand in Netflix surges due to us all self-isolating spoilers are really the worst thing right now.

What a perfect opportunity this presents.

Mocked-up in some of the busiest places that should definitely be avoided at the moment such as the bottom of subway stairs and bus stops, if this campaign was ever executed by Netflix properly, it would be so efficient.

It forces the masses to choose between following government advice and staying indoors, or defying it and risking instant regret as you spoil the ending to a show you may be binge-watching right now.

The spoilers are supported by a clear and concise message: #StayTheFckHome.

Why It Works (And Works Well)

Though, as aforementioned, this is not a Netflix initiative, this visionary campaign by Kngruangkit & Prachuabmoh is just absolutely fantastic.

It really is up there with one of the best stunts I’ve ever seen, and proves that there are ways in which you can market during a pandemic, so long as you’re tactful.

Messaging from the officials is clear as day right now: unless you need to go out, you should be staying indoors.

Unfortunately, a lot of Brits don’t know how to do what they’re told and are still packing our parks and meeting up in large groups. It was only a few days ago that the Labour government called on PR & Advertising agencies to help support the Government’s message that we need to stay inside. Now from what I can gather, I don’t think this stunt was a direct result of this plea, but it certainly works well as one. Asking nicely hasn’t worked, so it’s time to start taking more drastic measures.

It’s universally acknowledged that spoilers are the worst.

Therefore, knowing there’s such disdain for them, erecting them on billboards to encourage people to stop going out seems like it would work perfectly. I’d love to see this *actually* put into practice.

What more, if this was a marketing stunt by Netflix (which at this point, I’d like to reiterate it’s not), it’s a cool way to promote their brand all the whilst remaining respectful of the situation we’re in and actually pitching in to help to.

For PRs right now, it’s really really really tricky to get coverage for your brand. Youcant directly market from Coronavirus, it’s unethical. Most other angles have been worn out already (home workouts, work from home clothing etc.) and anything that doesn’t incorporate the first two, feels irrelevant.

But to creatively incentivise people to stay home, all the while promoting not only your brand, but its actual service too, is just simply genius. People are interested in it because it’s topical, and furthermore because it pushes the right message. Netflix could have easily pushed a ‘stay at home and watch Netflix’ angle, but to be honest – we’re all doing that anyway. It’s not new, and though it does encourage Government guidelines, it doesn’t actually enforce them.

On the other hand, putting your brand right in the firing line in a bid to get people to stay home is daring, original and super interesting.

If you were Netflix, you could sure annoy a lot of consumers by doing this, but I’d say you’d definitely win the affections of more.

This really proves that the best campaigns always come from taking risks, and I only wish that somebody with power would actually impose this initative for real.

What do you think? As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts on Twitter or in the comments below.

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