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You don’t have to be Samantha Jones to work in PR

"Oh, you work in PR? You must be like, super loud then" "You can't be quiet and work in communications!" "If you're not confident, you're not going to make it"  "But isn't your job just like, socialising?" "You're an introvert? You won't do well here..." I'm not usually one to succumb to the agg of… Continue reading You don’t have to be Samantha Jones to work in PR


Three steps to happiness – how to cope when you don’t feel ‘good enough’…

*Warning: there's a bit of a personal post incoming. If you're along for the ride of my PR journey (the highs, the lows and the bare ugly truth of it all) then you're in the right place. If you visit my blog only for my insights into the industry of public relations, and would rather… Continue reading Three steps to happiness – how to cope when you don’t feel ‘good enough’…

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#InternationalMensDay – my top 5 PR inspirations

You may remember my post from last year, Women in PR - my top 5 inspirations, in line with #InternationalWomensDay. And, given today is #InternationalMensDay, I thought it only right that we 'hear it for the boys' too. Now during my career, I've come across a lot of influential and downright amazing people in the… Continue reading #InternationalMensDay – my top 5 PR inspirations


How to Ace your PR Course

I've been meaning to write this post for a while now to get some advice out to my fellow PR students since I almost no longer fall under that category. (Scary!) My education journey is nearing closure and I'm now ready to get myself out there in the world of PR. Yet 3 years ago… Continue reading How to Ace your PR Course


#MyPRJob – what are the different jobs in PR?

So (hopefully) you now know whether you want to work within an in-house organisation or in an agency (see my last blog post from #MyPRJob). The next question is: what different jobs in PR out there? Before I started working within PR, I didn't really know what kind of job i'd be looking for as a… Continue reading #MyPRJob – what are the different jobs in PR?


Getting my Voice Heard

I've been writing from an early age (and by early age I mean writing stories on our computer with the dial up modem when I was about 7 years old) and I've always loved it. So, why am I studying PR and not journalism? Wouldn't that be more my style? Maybe, but when I started uni… Continue reading Getting my Voice Heard


#MyPRJob – In-House or Agency?

I'd studied PR for 2 years completely unbeknownst to what kind of career would await me upon graduation, it was only when I started working within the industry that I realized what different jobs I could go in to within PR. Therefore, I decided to start a small series to help fellow PR students help… Continue reading #MyPRJob – In-House or Agency?


How Liverpool helps the Homeless

Since moving to Liverpool 2 and a bit years ago, i've fell in love with the city and the people who inhabit it; the only thing that isn't so great is the heartbreaking number of rough sleepers, especially at night. The good news however, is that since living here i've also noticed a fair few… Continue reading How Liverpool helps the Homeless


Staying sane in your Final Year of University

Spoken as a final year student myself, it is stressful, with graduation right round the corner and deadlines mounting left right and centre, it can seem impossible to upkeep your studies, social life, work and get enough sleep. But fear not, it can be done - all it takes is a little organisation. Here are… Continue reading Staying sane in your Final Year of University


TV Series I Watched Last Year – & Ones I’d Reccomend

Last year was my year for getting way too involved in TV series (probably at the time that I shouldn't have really amidst a ton of uni work) but nevertheless, I did. I've rounded up my favourites below - some obvious and some not so obvious. I've also dropped in some ones that I tried… Continue reading TV Series I Watched Last Year – & Ones I’d Reccomend