Will Lack Of Diversity Be The Death Of Brands?

It is 2020, and I cannot believe that I am writing about yet another brand who've come under fire for not being diverse enough. Very recently on Twitter, I saw a tweet about an award-winning journalist from Glamour who'd been invited to a virtual skincare launch, only to be met with an exclusively, and downright… Continue reading Will Lack Of Diversity Be The Death Of Brands?

Tesco diverse plaster range campaign - It's about bloody time

Creative Campaigns #6 – About Bloody Time

I shouldn't be here writing this today, but I am. That's because racially diverse plasters should be commonplace by now, but they're not. Plasters are skin-tone coloured so that when they protect our skin, they're not painstakingly obvious. Which is great. Well, that's if you don't account for every other skin tone there is other… Continue reading Creative Campaigns #6 – About Bloody Time