Creative Campaigns #17 – Free Meal Deals Up For Grabs

Much like the Greggs sausage roll, the Nando's peri peri chicken and the McDonalds Big Mac, the Tesco meal deal is iconic. Therefore, a chance to win one will never fall on deaf ears. Tesco could have done a classic 'like, share and follow' for their recent social media competition, it would have worked. But… Continue reading Creative Campaigns #17 – Free Meal Deals Up For Grabs

Tesco diverse plaster range campaign - It's about bloody time

Creative Campaigns #6 – About Bloody Time

I shouldn't be here writing this today, but I am. That's because racially diverse plasters should be commonplace by now, but they're not. Plasters are skin-tone coloured so that when they protect our skin, they're not painstakingly obvious. Which is great. Well, that's if you don't account for every other skin tone there is other… Continue reading Creative Campaigns #6 – About Bloody Time


Tesco and the £4bn Equal Pay Crisis

Checking the news this morning saw something catch my eye - Tesco are heading to court surrounding a £4billion speculation regarding the underpaying of some women in their warehouses. Alongside the speculation, many shop workers have came forward contending they are doing the same, if not more work than those who work in the warehouse… Continue reading Tesco and the £4bn Equal Pay Crisis