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ThoughtsOfJessica? I Don’t Know Her

Many of you won't know, well - none of you in fact as I've not mentioned it to anybody - that I've been having a big personal struggle with blogging recently. Encompassed with the hard realities of working full time, trying to maintain a healthy gym schedule and a social life too - it's often… Continue reading ThoughtsOfJessica? I Don’t Know Her

Comms School Homework - Jessica Pardoe

#CommsSchool Homework – The PR Blogs I Admire

Because who says the learning ends at university right? Though an initiative set up largely to encourage and teach PR students to "develop communities, create content, and get ahead in comms careers", the Comms School that has been put together by Stephen Waddington and Marcel Klebba seemed too generous to ignore. Plus, I'm a big… Continue reading #CommsSchool Homework – The PR Blogs I Admire