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#CommsSchool Homework – The PR Blogs I Admire

Because who says the learning ends at university right?

Though an initiative set up largely to encourage and teach PR students to “develop communities, create content, and get ahead in comms careers”, the Comms School that has been put together by Stephen Waddington and Marcel Klebba seemed too generous to ignore. Plus, I’m a big traditional nerd and I LOVE to learn – so I’ll always jump at the chance to expand my knowledge wherever possible and especially in PR & communications.

Despite not being a PR student any more, for the reasons mentioned above and beyond, I’m a member of the Comms School, and I can’t say I regret my decision to be so. And with being part of the school, comes the homework. My ‘homework’ this week is to write about the PR blogs I admire, as well as introduce myself as a PR blogger to the community (though I’m pretty well acquainted with a large number of you guys already).

Hello… I’m Jess

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I used to hate icebreaker activities – but now I’m kind of into them (though how hard is it to break the ice over the internet? Not great. Anyway…). My names Jess and I feel like some sort of imposter because I’m not actually a PR student anymore, I graduated last year and have been working as a PR executive for 9 months now. I’ve worked in PR (I started as an intern) for almost 2 years now, nevertheless, I’m only 21 years old and I still see myself as a bit of a baby in the industry.

At the moment, I’m loving everything to do with media relations. Nothing comes close to that butterfly feeling when you pull off a really smashing campaign for your client, or when you achieve some real A-class coverage – so that’s something I’d like to hold on to.

It’s my dream to work within the communications team in the Police or the Fire Services, just because I’ve always had a fascination with the emergency services (but I’m not brave enough to be a Firewoman nor a Policewoman) and I’ve a good appetite for exciting comms that keeps you on your toes. I think reputation management and crisis communications is something I’ll fall naturally in to in later life, but for now – I’m enjoying learning the ropes of PR. (And God knows I’m learning every single day).

I’ve been a PR blogger for over 2 years now, I created my blog as it was loosely spoken about at university and myself (and a couple of my friends who are also brilliant bloggers) decided to make them. Since then, I’ve had ups and downs, including a lot of difficulties finding my niche, but I like to think now I’m pretty established. I love writing and particularly love blogging as I’ve met some truly amazing people (some of whom will be mentioned shortly), and I honestly just love to talk – so it’s a pretty good place to allow me to do this. I can’t see me ever wanting to quit the blogging game. I’m growing all the time and learning how to better myself, and for somebody who always needs to be kept entertained – I’m not bored yet.

And on that note, let me mention my top commended PR blogs (that if you haven’t heard of, you should definitely check out). These are the individuals that inspire me every day, and the ones who’s insights I take as law. Their blogs have taught me so much and for somebody who’s so very eager to learn all the while – they’re a brilliant resource.

The PR Bloggers and Blogs I Admire

Marcel Klebba

Rich Leigh (PR Examples)

Richard Bailey (PR Place)

Stephen Waddington

Ella Minty

Scott Guthrie

Orlagh Shanks

Amanda Coleman 

Paul Sutton

Sarah Hall

Lucy Hayball

Rachel Miller

Yana Miladinova

Ulster PR Student blog

Helen Deverell 

Arianne Williams

Laura Sutherland

Livi Wilkes

Kates (a new blogger I’ve recently come across, but who I think is going to become a big name very quickly. Her writing is compelling and brilliant, and I just had to mention her)

Aoibheann McCormack (though she’s taken a break from blogging at the moment – but she’ll be back!)

And honestly, there’s so many more but I’d be here all night. The PR blogging industry isn’t huge, but it’s tight. I feel like I know personally, and am inspired, by everybody in it. And that’s why I’m so glad that Stephen and Marcel have bound together to inspire more young PR minds to network, to blog and to generally become great comms people.

I can’t wait to see what the next webinar brings!

P.s. – thank you!

pr marketing comms finalist badge

You know the score by now, I have a little endnote to post. I’m in a small but brilliant pool of talented and creative writers, and I really do often feel as though I don’t belong here. Therefore, to be in amongst the finalists for the UK blog awards for best PR, Marketing and Comms blog means so much to me… Beyond words.

It’s amazing in fact.

Therefore, I just wanted to say a big… No, a MASSIVE thank you to everyone who voted for me in the awards. If it wasn’t for the people who read my blog and support me every day, I almost certainly wouldn’t bother. So for that, endless gratitude is in order.

Thank you.

While you’re here, please subscribe to my blog by heading back to my homepage and entering your email on the right-hand side of the page.

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