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How Impactful Is ‘Cancel Culture’?

You might've heard (and by that I mean: if you haven't heard, have you been living under a rock?) about now-infamous YouTuber Brooke Haus over the past couple of days. Haus gained her visibility through hatred, after she accidentally uploaded an edited video to her YouTube channel which revealed her abusing her dog. The video… Continue reading How Impactful Is ‘Cancel Culture’?

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Creative Campaigns #12 – Plenish ‘Milk’ The EU Elections

My 12th spotlight 'creative campaign' of the year may be a controversial one. Because, in all honesty, I didn't originally intend for this blog post to be a creative campaign centred on. Instead, I wanted to discuss current affairs and whether jumping on a contentious political trend was dirty, or clever PR. But, as I… Continue reading Creative Campaigns #12 – Plenish ‘Milk’ The EU Elections

Failing businesses in 2018. 2018 business failure.

2018 – A Year of Business Failures. What’s With That?

Well, 2018 has been a good year for business so far, right? Wrong. The only way I could represent the business climate this year would be... In fact, 'business failures' became a bit of a trending topic in 2018, as more and more organisations spiralled out of control and straight into administration. The growing number… Continue reading 2018 – A Year of Business Failures. What’s With That?


Why Bad Employee Relations are Bad for your PR

Both Wagamamas and TGI Fridays have come under fire recently for not paying their staff the minimum wage and of course, it hit the news. It was recognised in the press that: Wagamama has repaid an average of £50 to 2,630 employees. TGI Friday's had to repay £25 each to 2,300 staff. Plus, this isn't the first… Continue reading Why Bad Employee Relations are Bad for your PR


Somaliland Passes Revolutionary Rape Law

Somaliland – not to be confused with Somalia – has taken an exemplary step in the right direction with its recent passing of the law surrounding rape. Before the new law (that precedents rape as illegal and sees its perpetrators facing up to 30 years in prison), it was common practice for a victim to… Continue reading Somaliland Passes Revolutionary Rape Law