Brooke Haus - cancel culture
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How Impactful Is ‘Cancel Culture’?

You might've heard (and by that I mean: if you haven't heard, have you been living under a rock?) about now-infamous YouTuber Brooke Haus over the past couple of days. Haus gained her visibility through hatred, after she accidentally uploaded an edited video to her YouTube channel which revealed her abusing her dog. The video… Continue reading How Impactful Is ‘Cancel Culture’?

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2019’s Creative Campaigns #12 – Plenish ‘Milk’ The EU Elections

My 12th spotlight 'creative campaign' of the year may be a controversial one. Because, in all honesty, I didn't originally intend for this blog post to be a creative campaign centred on. Instead, I wanted to discuss current affairs and whether jumping on a contentious political trend was dirty, or clever PR. But, as I… Continue reading 2019’s Creative Campaigns #12 – Plenish ‘Milk’ The EU Elections