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Meet PR Blogger Marcel Klebba

Hello and welcome to my first instalment of my ‘meet the PR blogger’ series, starting with no other than Marcel Klebba. But before I start, lets get down to the basics.

What is the ‘meet the PR blogger’ series?

This series has been put together by yours truly to delve in to the inner workings of the PR blogging industry. PR blogging is a niche area, but an incredibly interesting one. Therefore I am committed to finding as much out as I possibly can. I want to leave no stone unturned. Having blogged within the industry for over a year myself, i’m all too familiar with the quality content circulated, the brilliant connections made and the overall fun of it all. PR blogging is certainly a niche worth getting involved in and I hope this series will encourage some to do so.

I’ll be (hopefully) posting a new addition to the series once a week, with a new PR blogger in the pipeline every single time.

If you’re a PR blogger, or simply work in PR/business yourself then I couldn’t recommend connecting with every participant in this series more. Each interviewee has been chosen due to their outstanding skills and expertise in the areas of Business & PR. Alongside, of course, the quality of their blog.

So, without further ado, here’s my first addition of my ‘meet the PR blogger’ series with Marcel Klebba.

Meet the PR blogger – Marcel Klebba

Introducing Marcel

Meet the PR blogger

I could think of no better blogger to open this series than Marcel, after recently being named ‘PR blogger of the year‘ at the Vuelio awards – he’s one of my ultimate inspirations.

Meet the PR blogger

Alongside running a prolific blog, Marcel is currently an Account Executive at Metia and works across the B2B, fintech, and corporate account after graduating with a first class degree in Public Relations and Advertising. As well as being a PR-boffin, Marcel is also a keen photography enthusiast, you can catch some of his amazing work over on his Instagram.

Meet the pr blogger

The ‘meet the PR blogger’ interview with Marcel

Jessica: How long have you been blogging for?

Marcel: I started my blog in September 2016.

J: What are the main things you blog about?

M: PR, communications and careers.

J: Have you always been a PR blog, or was you once something else?

M: I’ve been focusing on PR since the very beginning.

J: Have you found that having a PR blog has been beneficial to you in the industry? (In interviews, etc.)

M: Absolutely. It landed me some amazing opportunities, such as speaking at the events. It also connected me with some incredible people who I really admire. And yes, it’s always a good one to bring up during job interviews.

J:Do you have any PR blogging inspirations? These could be people, or simple reasons that you blog.

M: There’s too many to list them all! But some of my favourites include Ella Minty, Arianne Williams, Orlagh Shanks, Stephen Waddington, and Scott Guthrie. I wouldn’t have been where I am without Richard Bailey and his PR Place (and Behind the Spin he run previously).

J: What was your reason for setting up your PR blog?

M: I’m not a native English speaker and good writing skills are very important part of PR job. I started MK to write regularly, explore ideas and learn more about the comms industry.

J: Do you have any advice to prospective PR people who may be looking to set up a blog?

M: Don’t overthink it. Just start a blog and write what’s on your mind. Having said that, remember that blogging is a massive commitment and it simply might not be your thing.

J: Why did you chose to study/work within PR?

M: I always wanted to have a job that is challenging and that teaches me something new every day. PR gives me just that.

J: And finally, what do you enjoy most about PR blogging?

M: I treat my blog as a playground and place where I can explore ideas. I also try to share my own experiences with juniors and PR grads. Knowing that your writing might bring value to others is the best thing about blogging.

Connect with Marcel

Meet the pr blogger

I couldn’t recommend connecting with Marcel more, especially if you work within PR or aspire too. His blog is ever interesting and he’s just a generally great person to know in the PR industry. You can find Marcel on Twitter here, Instagram here, or read his renowned blog here.

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