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So, what’s it really like writing a dissertation?

It seems like an age ago now since I was a third year student. (It was actually no longer than 3 months ago, but that's what working full time does to you!) Nevertheless, I can't seem to escape discussions surrounding dissertations and final year even now. Whether it be via tweets or questions from friends who… Continue reading So, what’s it really like writing a dissertation?


How to Ace your PR Course

I've been meaning to write this post for a while now to get some advice out to my fellow PR students since I almost no longer fall under that category. (Scary!) My education journey is nearing closure and I'm now ready to get myself out there in the world of PR. Yet 3 years ago… Continue reading How to Ace your PR Course


Let’s Talk about Film PR

I've worked in multiple agencies and i've PR'ed for a music management company yet something (until the start of this semester) I'd not yet come across in my PR journey was film PR. What I learned about film PR One of my biggest assignments this semester is based around film promotion and PR and it's… Continue reading Let’s Talk about Film PR


How to Shake Off Study Procrastination

If you're a student, you'd have been there - rattling your brains for things to say as your deadlines loom closer, and finding the excuse to do anything but work. However, as all students will come to realise, university is not the kind of place you'll want to be procrastinating, as deadlines can pop up here, there and… Continue reading How to Shake Off Study Procrastination