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What’s The Value In PR ‘Virality’?

If you work in media relations, then the thought of a viral PR campaign is ultimately dreamy. Often, if you have a good enough idea, then a media campaign will see what I like to call the 'snowball' effect. That's where you sell your idea in to a number of media publications, then once one… Continue reading What’s The Value In PR ‘Virality’?


Was Kanye right? Has life become a numbers game?

Kanye West - ever famous for being somewhat outspoken and never shy - has recently sparked up yet another conversation. This time, it's with the question: what would happen if our lives weren't so defined by numbers? In a world that's becoming slightly Black Mirror-esque, social popularity is becoming more and more important. So much to the point that not only has social media become a big part of our lifestyle, but also in our careers. Which i'm not saying is a bad thing by the way, part of my job includes social media management - and I love being able to use platforms to make a difference. The way that it should be used.