2021’s Creative Campaigns #1 – It Has To Be Heinz

I’m kicking off my creative campaigns series with a good one. We’re only 26 days in to 2021, but I’ve already seem some fantastic PR efforts already (that’s the spirit I know and love guys). The one that caught my eye the most this month, though, was the incredible work from Rethink Canada with Heinz.

People around the world were asked in focus groups to draw ketchup, and unsurprisingly most of them sketched Heinz bottles. The study actually turned out to be funded by Heinz, who are now turning those concepts into personalised bottles and billboard advertisements.

The campaign ties in perfectly with their well known and well-funded slogan, “it has to be Heinz.”

The Power Of Reputation

Breaking it down, this campaign has really been executed perfectly, from the initial idea to the OOH advertising that’s being utilised. What I love the most about this campaign though, is how it reinforces the impact of reputation and a consistently strong brand.

In the same way that you’d associate burgers with McDonalds, ‘the zoo’ with Chester Zoo or the colour purple with Cadbury, you’d probably think of Heinz when you think of ketchup. And you wouldn’t be alone, as proven by the study. This kind of influence doesn’t happen overnight. In fact, it’s the product of years worth of brand building and repeated PR exercises, as well as having a great, high-quality product of course.

This campaign is not only new and exciting, it also circles back to marketing in its most traditional format – having a solid brand that’s a consumer favourite. I really love the way that it mixes traditional with modern, and Rethink Canada have really made the most of all of their avenues with Heinz by using social media, rebranding and of course, the amazing OOH marketing too.

A challenge for new businesses is always going to be breaking into industries and competing with leaders that already dominate the market, but some of the best ways to do this include taking risks, being loud and exciting, and then having consistent branding and tone of voice that’s frequent in all of your marketing. A really good example of this is Burger King, they compete against market giant McDonalds to grab their share of the fast food industry. Due to the impressive brand reputation that McDonalds have, this isn’t an easy job. Nevertheless, they continue to make headlines and grab attention with their unapologetic and bold marketing that hits the mark pretty much every time. This is all nicely brought together with a consistent brand message.

Similarly to how Rome wasn’t built in a day, a reputation is not built overnight. Not only do your communications need to be regular, they need to be strong. Grab attention of your stakeholders and don’t let it go. Package that with a great product or service and allow time to do its thing, and you’re on to a winner.

Traditional + Modern = The Winning Formula

This is really a great creative campaign by Heinz all round, I really loved it and think that it proves that even when you have a strong brand, you can still pull off unique marketing stunts that generate conversation, without stepping away from your traditional values either. One day, I’d love to be involved in work like this.

As always, please let me know any thoughts on Twitter or in the comments below.

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