4 Marketing Strategies You Haven’t Tried Yet*

While the fear of venturing into the unknown can be discouraging, your old tactics may not be as effective as before. This makes it practical to try new strategies. As an entrepreneur, you want to experiment with new options and make adjustments until you find the right marketing strategy. With a UK survey suggesting that many small businesses intend to invest in a marketing campaign, you want to check out these four marketing strategies you likely haven’t tried yet. 

Reward your referrals 

Research says that 74% of customers admit that word-of-mouth recommendations are a key influence on their buying decisions. So it can be useful to generate some buzz about your product or brand. Referrals and endorsements can be crucial for boosting marketing efforts, but how do you encourage them? You can offer customers discounts and services in exchange for referring their family and friends to your brand or products. Referrals are a powerful tactic for promoting sales and conversion, so keep this in mind. 

Run a contest 

Contests are a simple approach to increasing your audience engagement. You can organise a raffle or contest to reward potential clients. You want to ensure the reward is something your target audience will be interested in. Every good contest requires a clearly defined goal that benefits your business. Boosting your social media followers, driving traffic and growing your emailing list are some of the goals you can set for your marketing campaign. You can also announce your contest via social media and emailing lists for maximum engagement. 

Ecommerce sampling 

One of the most successful ways to attract people to test your product is to give them a sample. When you trust your product and its value to consumers, you can take advantage of sampling to allow people to have a feel of it. Sampling offers an opportunity for organisations to connect with their clients for their needs, requirements and feedback, which is key for growth in the current competitive climate. While ecommerce sampling has proven an effective marketing strategy, it can be useful to find an in-home sampling agency for a more cost-effective way to create awareness, gain insights and new customers quickly and efficiently. 

Blend your email and social 

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Email marketing can be an effective tool for obtaining and keeping your customers. Although social media pages make algorithm changes to limit your post visibility, email marketing allows you to directly communicate with your clients in their inboxes. Share a link to your email sign-up form or your Text-to-Join keyword on your various social media networks to convert your social media followers into engaged email subscribers. The chances are that you have some decent followers on social media, so you want to utilise that to boost your marketing strategies. 

You want to take bold and experimental strategies to boost your business marketing efforts. With limited resources, you want to make the best use of your funds and take advantage of these marketing ideas you haven’t tried yet.

*This is a partnered post/may contain affiliate links.

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