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My Favourite Creative Campaigns Of August 2022

As I am writing this embarrassingly late, August does not just feel a lifetime away, it was. Now nearing the end of September, I’ve well and truly bid adios to those summer days for another year. Not that I mind being an autumn baby through and through, but when reflecting on the campaigns of August, it does put the passage of time into a pretty harsh perspective! Nevertheless, I can’t be completely unsatisfying by jumping straight to my favourite PR work of September in a few days time. With my tail between my legs, here’s my round-up of what I loved in August.

My Top 3 PR Campaigns Of August 2022

1. Fancy A Lucy’s?

In celebration of England’s win against Germany in the Euros this summer, Domino’s in Headingley rebranded to ‘Lucy’s’ for Lucy Bronze, a former employee and student of Leeds Beckett, who helped us lift the trophy in July. According to Leeds Live, free pizzas were also given away to any customers named Lucy and delivery drivers wore bronze helmets as a nod to their favourite Lioness. I had this one written in my drafts from the day I heard about it, because I thought it was brilliant. It’s a really simple idea that truly put this Northern Domnino’s on the map, especially because during that week, all anyone could talk about was our Euro 2022 win. So they inserted themselves nicely into the conversation. Plus, as a side note, the planning and preparation that would have needed to go into this, meant the store had faith Lucy and her team would win long before we scored the winner – which is a very cute thought!

2. A New Era Of Barbie Dolls

Inclusivity is everything in today’s world and a brand that’s had to really put the leg work in to play catch up is Mattel. The Barbie doll has been around since the 1960s and for many of its years has been the stick thin, bleach blonde figure that’s instantly recognisable all over the world. The simple fact is though, is that we just don’t look like that, and especially not the young persons who play with these toys. To be fair to the brand, they’ve invested into making Barbie more realistic, releasing the first ever ‘African-American’ edition of the doll in 1969, and then giving the toy a complete 21st-century makeover as part of its 2016 #TheDollEvolves campaign. This involved a new range of Barbies ranging from petite to plus-sized with different hair and skin tones, as well as her devoted beau Ken getting the same treatment. This article by People sums up the evolution so well. In 2022, we got our latest Barbie update from Mattell and it’s one that was probably long overdue. But, better late than never, the brand introduced a new diverse range of dolls in August, including a Barbie with her own hearing aid. It’s incredibly uplifting for young people to see themselves back in the shows they watch and the toys they play with, so a big well done for Mattell for growing, adapting and always striving to be better!

3. Primark Gets The Vintage Treatment

Consumers are waking up to the devastating impacts of fast fashion, and amongst the worst culprits for contributing to the crisis is Primark. However, I do respect a brand that at least tries to make a difference. Although companies like Boohoo, Misguided and many other high street brands would never be able to survive if not contributing to climate problems, all they can do is try and reduce their impact and be better where possible. I respect Primark for its move this month to open Wornwell pop-up outlets in two of its biggest stores – recognising the importance of a circular lifestyle for clothing. Not only is this a lovely little campaign for physical footfall, but it also helps with building up a better reputation for the brand, which you guys know I love.

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