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6 Marketing Trends To Pay Attention To This Year* (Paid Collab)

2020 hasn’t gotten off to the best of starts really, but that doesn’t mean we should lose focus on our marketing strategies. Below, I’m sharing some tips on the 6 best marketing trends to pay attention to this year*.

The world of marketing is never short of exciting new trends to adopt. Companies need to keep up if they want to remain relevant. As Gary Vaynerchuk says, ‘Market like the year you are in.’

Augmented reality

Augmented, or virtual, reality has well and truly arrived, and many brands already use it to supercharge their marketing. Cosmetics brand Sephora has a ‘visual artist’ feature on its app, which allows users to test makeup products virtually. The application uses Modiface tech to scan your face and then applies overlays, whether lipstick or false lashes. Adidas are another great example, they collaborated with Snapchat so that users could use augmented reality to try on shoes, using their smartphones.


In 2020, brands are responding to the consumer desire for personalization. It’s been suggested that personalized marketing helps companies to establish emotional connections with their audiences. Spotify, for instance, uses algorithms to determine a user’s musical taste and then provide them with a personalized playlist. Shutterfly runs an app and website where users can create a canvas, calendar, or mug using their photographs. When users allow Shutterfly to access their smartphone photos, things get even more personalized. Customers will then see their pictures on all the items in the online store, as they browse.

Social Media Stories 

Snapchat was the first company to use the ‘’My Story’ idea, and many other social platforms soon followed, including Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Brands who choose to adopt story marketing can benefit from increased traffic, consistent engagement, and heightened brand awareness. Instagram has an interactive poll feature on the stories section, which is great for brands to collect audience info in the form of polls. Brands can also add geofilters or links to their stories, to engage audiences further.

Visual Search

Visual search allows users to upload images to perform searches and achieve more relevant results. One of the leaders in this visual search movement is Pinterest. They designed a visual tool where you can take a picture of an item to access info about where you can get it online. You can also look for similar products using this feature.

Content Marketing

Different styles of marketing come in and out of vogue all of the time; in 2020, content marketing continues to dominate alternative styles. Well- written blogs and video content remain a pivotal part of content marketing. Recent updates to Google algorithms help the search engine to understand the different types of search intent. It’s more critical than ever to produce content that responds to informational and investigative searches. While you’re at it, ensure that all your marketing and communication materials are consistent, professional, and appealing. Platforms such as Templafy are useful for content governance to access, build, and share your company documents appropriately. To find out more info take a look at

When brands seek to modernize their marketing solutions, they’ll stand more chance of becoming future proof. With plenty of competition to beat, you’ll want to keep your marketing on trend. Strive to create well-planned campaigns and seek all the marketing tips you can.

*Courtesy of a guest writer.

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