My Favourite Creative Campaigns Of December 2022

Against all odds, we made it to the end of the year! And though admittedly I have been incredibly tardy with these blogs as the months have ticked on, I’m still really proud of our industry for another year of campaigns that continue to capture the very very best creative ideas and use them for good in marketing. Here are my picks of PR stunts from the last month that really stood out.

My Top 5 PR Campaigns Of December 2022

1. Une Célèbre McBagutte, Merci

In a collab that I think nobody saw coming, McDonald’s teamed up with Netflix in the latest series of Emily in Paris (which I’m admittedly a sucker for), and in what I thought was such a clever way. The story is based on the main character’s marketing career, and in season three, Emily was invited to pitch for McDonald’s’ business as they prepared for new product launches in France. The brand placement alone was not enough though, the fast food brand actually went one step further and actually relaunched the product featured in the show in French restaurants. The story from the show actually ended up becoming reality, and I just love the way that McDonald’s’ marketing team pulled the whole thing together.

2. More Creative Colours Of The Rainbow

I’m a little late with this one, but I couldn’t not include it. I spotted on LinkedIn that TBWA Paris, an advertising company, created an innovative way to bypass the strict laws imposed against the One Love armband in this year’s World Cup. Iconic and instantly recognisable, using Pantone to illustrate the Pride colours without actually using them, I thought was a really poignant way of portraying a message that so many of us wanted to get across this year in response to Fifa’s questionable choice of a host nation.

3. Be Gone To Crappy Kanye Ink

We love a reactive PR campaign here, and even more so when it comes from a brand you might not have heard of before (hence the value in going viral sometimes!). A laser tattoo studio in London made the headlines for offering to remove any unfortunate Kayne West tattoos for free, in light of (more) recent controversial comments. Sometimes the strangest things can bring out the very best creative ideas, and this one is simple but super clever at the same time. It reminds me a little of DuoLingo’s campaign from earlier on in the year, offering to translate tattoos that might not say what the owners thought they did.

4. I’m LOVING Little Miss Waste Less

This blog is slowly becoming an environmental action fan account, but there have been SO many good campaigns created to help tackle climate change this year. One of the latest being Ecover launching a ‘Little Miss Waste Less’ book to add to the iconic Mr Men series, to help inspire the younger generation to be kind to the planet. These books invoke a nostalgia in me I didn’t even know to be possible, so I love this campaign on so many levels – plus the series is so timeless, that this new book’ll reach children and adults alike.

5. Reverse Shop For A Good Reason This Christmas

Anyone who knows me IRL, knows how important charity is to me. Especially at Christmas. Food banks are struggling with a real surge in demand due to the cost of living crisis, and whilst luckily, the bins in my local supermarket are always full of donations from very kind people, we can always always always be doing more. In true “every little helps” style, Tesco launched an innovative way to give back this festive period, starting a reverse advent calendar pop-up in London (bring more of these cool things to the Midlands too please!). There were little elements to this stunt that just kept making it better and better, such as the opportunity for passers-by to listen to real stories by real food bank users. Plus, the fact that items available for purchase started at as little as 40p, it was inclusive as it could be in allowing people from all walks of life to get involved. When I picture my career in the future, it’s this kind of stuff I want to be working on. All day long.

That’s a wrap for 2022 guys, Merry Christmas and I’ll see you next year. Here’s to hoping it’s even better than this one! 😉

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