My Favourite Creative Campaigns Of March 2022

Hello! I can’t believe it’s April already. It feels like I blinked and March passed us by. Didn’t mean we weren’t treated to a plethora of lovely creative campaigns, though. Here are the ones that caught my eye last month, and why I loved them.

My Top 5 PR Campaigns Of March 2022

1. Innocent’s Boss Fluffs Up… Or Does He?

This blog could be an Innocent Smoothie fan account, even when they make a mistake, they handle it perfectly. I’d do well to think of a company with a better all-rounded communications strategy.

March was no different when they turned an apparent blunder on its head and introduced the comedic value of the situation.

And even if it wasn’t a mistake, but a carefully planned marketing campaign (👀), they STILL managed to bring it back to make it relevant to the brand – which this company is truly excellent at.

The whole thing also gave Specsavers a cheeky opportunity to get involved too, so this ia an honourable mention for them.

2. Specsavers Carries On Being Specsavers, Enough Said!

But why stop at honourable mentions, when we can give them a full feature? Another of my all-time favourite brands is Specsavers. I could probably find something to say about every month too, but in March they particularly stood out to me for two reasons.

The first being they took to promoting third party tweets that back up their ‘should have gone to Specsavers’ slogan without even having to say it, such as this one…

Secondly, and probably the more popular one in the wider marketing world, was this OOH campaign which once again followed the similar vein of making mistakes and the answer being a visit to our favourite eyesight specialist friends.

I revert back to my blog post about Thursday earlier this month. THIS is how you grab attention (and in an ethical way that doesn’t piss us PR people off), but make it relevant to your brand too.

Specsavers continue to kill it, and this blog is a big fan.

3. Clean Up Britain Forces You To Look Twice

‘Be bold and attention-grabbing’ is what they always tell us, well Clean Up Britain certainly nailed that down with their newest Bristol-based advert. I seem to be running a bit of an OOH theme at the minute on this blog, but I can’t help it – the traditional PR in me loves this kind of thing!

So cleverly done it gets you to look twice, or maybe even three times like I had to without my glasses on. And the best part?

This cheeky stunt conveys the message that Clean Up Britain aimed to put out so clearly. Big claps all around for this one.

4. Get Your #TattoDuoOver With Duo Lingo

Duo Lingo are easily one of my favourite brands at the moment.

I love what they’re doing on TikTok, I’m a big fan of the brand’s general attitude and tone of voice, and now, they’re smashing it with the creative PR campaigns too.

Tick ✅ tick ✅ tick ✅.

This month, remaining as on-brand as can be (which seems to be the theme of this blog post!) the company was offering to translate your dodgy foreign word tattoos, as long as you tagged them on all the relevant platforms for extra visibility.

Stories of tattoo mishaps are popular in and of themselves, so this campaign by Duo Lingo not only has the shareability nailed down from a PR perspective, but it’s been able to cleverly use the idea to generate a lot of social media noise too.

I love it!

5. KFC Lets The Copycats Win

KFC has to be one of the most plagiarised brands out there, we’ve all lived near an SFC or Krunchy Fried Chicken at least once in our lives.

But with grace and good humour, instead of orchestrating a number of court cases (looking at you M&S), the brand plays along. I loved the complication of chicken shop copycats they did previously, and I equally love their ‘chicken stock’ library they’ve culminated, for the companies plagarising their photography (which is happening), they’re now saying – go ahead and take it.

Because if you can’t beat them, join them, right?

I like this because not only did it bring attention to the situation that I wasn’t really aware of beforehand (we’ve all had those 3am moments in the chicken shop where the food in front of you looks absolutely nothing like what’s on the menu, no matter how much you’ve had to drink), but it also shows the utmost confidence and security KFC have in their own brand. They know they own the fried chicken space, and good on them.

Follow Campaigns Faster Than I Can

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