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My Favourite Creative Campaigns Of September 2022

Good morning! I hope everyone’s doing well on this chilly day. Autumn’s definitely arrived now, hasn’t it? This is my favourite time of year, not least because Halloween, Christmas and Bonfire Night are just around the corner. I’m very excited to see what October brings in the way of brilliant minds thinking up even more brilliant ideas. But for now, let’s recap on September. Here are the campaigns that caught my eye over the past month.

My Top 5 PR Campaigns Of September 2022

1. Nostalgic Happy Meals

This may be a story from our friends across the pond, but it attracted so much media attention over here too, that I had to include it. A few weeks ago, McDonalds announced they would be launching Adult Happy Meals. This campaign was so fuelled with nostalgia that it went viral across social media, not just US news in the end. Many people actually thought it was coming to the UK, and were disappointed to find out it wasn’t. I liked this one as it’s a relatively simple idea (not a new product, just a new way of packaging and pricing it) but it tapped into the psychology of adults being excited to remincise, and that’s why I think it really blew up.

Even the branding induces a trip down memory lane

2. AI Giving Me All The Heartache

It’s not a brand-led initative, but artist Alper Yesiltas‘ collection of AI generated images named “As If Nothing Happened” really caught my eye in September. The series imagines celebrities we lost before their time, instead growing old gracefully. The images are some of the most poignant I’ve come across in a long time, and it definitely has the ‘see more’ factor. I think I came across one or two on Facebook and ended up searching the whole lot up. That’s how you know you’ve created a compelling campaign.

3. Is It, Smiling At Me?

I’ve been thinking that guerilla marketing campaigns that leave a real lasting impact seem few and far between lately. This wasn’t to be the case for the Paramount Pictures’ marketing team last month though. To promote the new movie, ‘Smile’ (which is very good by the way, go and see it if you can!), actors were strategically positioned in the crowds of popular sporting events in America to promote the film. The trademark creepy smile certainly sticks with you, and this is a move that was appreciated and applauded by general public – not just the marketing crowd. Always a good sign.

4. Has The New PM Really Lost The Plot?

I spotted over on Famous Campaigns that Channel 4 released a collection of creative billboards and even an inventive vending machine across East London that advertised ‘legal drugs’ to promote their new six-part series TV show ‘Make Me Prime Minister’. I’m surprised I didn’t hear more about this because I thought it was really innovative and eye-catching, something you don’t see so much in advertising these days. It was really bold, and I liked it. It’s a shame it didn’t perhaps reach its full potential in terms of coverage and social media exposure! I wonder why?

5. Jump The Queue, Holly & Phil Style

And finally, I couldn’t let September’s campaign round-up pass me by without a nod to the clever companies that quickly took advantage of ‘queue-gate’ last month. When Phillip and Holly infamously skipped the line to view Her Majesty’s lying in state, the reaction on social media and in the news was unprecedented. Following this, alongside a handful of nightclubs such as Kasbah’s in Coventry and Popworld in Birmingham, London Dungeon announced a cheeky queue jump pass named the ‘Holly & Phil’. It was paired with a tongue-in-cheek comment from the company, and I think fair play to them. Risky marketing can often by the most rewarding, so kudos to this brand that chose to give it a go, and watched it pay off!

Where Else To Find Creative Inspo?

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