How You Can Use PR Techniques To Boost Your Blog*

Whether you’re an individual, a small business, or a large corporation, your website or blog is your brand. A customer or reader should be able to look through your blog and know who you are.

Despite this, plenty of people don’t run their blogs in the most effective way. For example, they might have issues with layout, usability, or content.  

If you want to succeed with your mission, you need to run your blog effectively. But how can PR play into this?

When you look at PR techniques, you can see that many of these tips can transfer to blog maintenance. PR, being the way you control public perception, can help you see how your blog will work from an outside perspective. There are invaluable lessons to be learned, so let’s get into it.

Pay Attention to KPIs

Photo by Megan_Rexazin on Pixabay

In PR and Marketing, KPIs are everything. For those who might not know, KPIs are key performance indicators. KPIs can link to anything. In terms of your blog, your KPIs might be views, email sign-ups, or unique visits.

It can help your blog to set some KPIs in mind and see how you fare. At first, don’t make any changes, and watch how your KPIs do. This way, you’ll have a baseline to measure your growth from.

Then: make some of the changes suggested in this post and see how they affect your KPIs. If you experience growth, you know you’ve made helpful changes. If you don’t see growth – or, even worse, see a decline – you know something has gone wrong. This allows your reaction speeds to negative growth can be faster.

Consider Mobile View

If you run your blog from your laptop, you must consider how your blog looks on mobile.

There can be several running issues with blogs on mobile – the look is wrong, it takes too long to load, it’s unavailable to view on mobile, or it crashes when opened on mobile.

In the PR world, an issue like this is called ‘unnecessary lost visibility.’ In layman’s terms, all the traffic you could be gaining from a strong mobile presence is lost when it doesn’t have to be.

Make sure to pay attention to your blog on mobile to avoid losing traffic through this site. You should be able to find help with website builders at DigitalSupermarket.

Every page must look good

Photo by Wokandapix on Pixabay

In a world of search engines, the first page a reader sees is rarely your home page. Instead, they will likely click in through a post. For this reason, you have to ensure every single page of your blog acts as a home page.

Not only does it need to be eye-catching, but it also needs clear signposting to other areas of the blog. If you want them to stay on your blog, you need to link from everyday posts to the home page, other posts, and important information, such as email sign-up lists.

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