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How Can You Prove The Value Of PR?

“It’s been over a year since I handed in my dissertation and waved goodbye to my academic life. Three tough-but-brilliant years of studying the practice of public relations all boiled down to producing an epic dissertation. I’d been ready for it since first year, and I wanted to give the project my all.”

“After completing a number of PR internships during my summer breaks and reading weeks, I’d already identified a problem within our industry that I wanted to research, and when completing my literature review I confirmed that this was a topic worth investigating and writing about.”

How can we prove the value of PR (without using the dreaded AVE)? That’s what I explored just over a year ago now for my undergraduate dissertation.

I spoke all about my study and wrote a 1000 word summary of my research over at PR Place. If you fancy learning more about what I found out, you can read more by following this link.

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