4 Signs You’re Becoming Less Social On Social Media* (Paid Collab)

Did you know that 81% of us have social media accounts? Apart from the Coronavirus, there aren’t many more outbreaks that have had as big an impact as Facebook, Twitter, and co. But, you might find that you’ve had enough now that it’s starting to lose its sense of novelty. 

Plus, it’s not as if you don’t have other marketing mediums available. So, why should you put up with the abuse and continue to plough in hours of investment? For many marketers, the juice isn’t worth the squeeze.

That’s one sign that you’re less social on social media. Here are four more.

Everything’s Automated

From the posts to the responses, everything on your social media accounts is automated. While these are handy tools, they sort of go against the whole point of Twitter et al., which is to interact with people and boost awareness of yourself and your brand. Statistics show that videos are more engaging and more likely to lead to leads and conversions, yet your strategy of automation negates it entirely. After all, you can’t create a personalised vid without cracking a few eggs. Technology is good, but it hasn’t reached that level yet!

Moments Pass You By

It’s not that you’re no longer online and able to see them, either. It’s because you’ve become a bit cynical and don’t believe in the efficacy of social media movements. These moments are cool, yet, in your eyes, they won’t achieve much because most of them don’t in this day and age. At least, that’s how you see it through your eyes. Whether you’re right or wrong, the fact that you let moments pass you by means that you’re longer on the social media bandwagon. In the past, you would have loved to be a part of the movement – not anymore.

You Feel Anxious

You’re feeling anxious because you’re not using social media as much, and it’s a major shift. Most people don’t think they have an addiction until they attempt to quit or do it de facto, and their minds and bodies react differently. For you, it could be anything from experiencing stress to not being as self-assured. However, like all addictions, the initial emotions tend to wane after a while. You might love the side-effects in the long-term. Of course, there’s only one way to find out – continue with your detox and don’t backslide!

You’re Interacting In Person

Part of the marketing effort is interacting with people. Still, that doesn’t require you to do it face-to-face, not with social media platforms in tow. Sitting down and scrolling through your phone or tablet is straightforward and effective. Speaking to people in person is less necessary, yet you’re doing it anyway. This is the ultimate sign that you’re off social media and being less social. Don’t worry, though, as it’s not counterproductive. If anything, you should find that your relationships, professional and otherwise, are stronger as a result.

Are you becoming less social on social media? Why do you think this change is happening? In your eyes, is it good or bad?

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