6 Tips To Tell A Powerful Brand Story* (Paid Collab)

How can we define brand story?

A brand story is designed to retell the events that led to the creation of your company. The story should explain the mission behind your existence to date. In the same way that an engaging movie draws you in; your brand story should appeal to the emotions of your audience.

Your brand story should involve a compelling narrative that outlines the feelings and facts associated with your business. Brand storytelling is not considered a traditional advertising form, and your story should be built with your audience’s values in mind. When you are creating your story pay close attention to your market research.

1 . Define your essence

To craft a brand story that’s authentic, you need to define your essence. Your identity includes your values and ethics, your persona and your USP. When you know exactly who you are as a brand it’s easier to develop a strong company culture and tackle any problems as they arise.

2. Problem-solving 

All stories involve a little conflict, that’s what makes them engaging and exciting. Your conflict will be defined by the problem that your product or service is solving. What’s more, your brand story should include any conflicts that you’ve faced in getting to where you are today. Presenting all this kind of information to your audience helps you appear transparent, authentic, and relatable.

3. Determine your vision 

It’s impossible to tell a brand story without determining your vision. What are the goals of your brand? How do you plan on achieving these goals? Does your service or product contribute positively to society? How does it positively contribute? Answering questions like these will help you to determine what your vision is and where you’d like your story to go. Remember, brand storytelling is about showing your audience who you are as opposed to telling them.

4. Beauty in simplicity

When you are creating your brand story, it’s best to keep things simple. A complicated message which is difficult to understand is unlikely to get your audience excited. Your story should have space to continue and to develop. It shouldn’t be that your brand has solved a problem, and then the story is over. It’s important to give yourself space to grow with your audience.

5. Put your audience at the centre

One of the best marketing tips is to put your audience at the very centre of your brand story. Remember, your audience can easily avoid listening to your videos, blogs, and social media content. The only way to get them to stop and hear what you have to say is to make your story about them.

6. Conceptualization and storytelling

One of the best ways to showcase your brand story is to work with a creative live experience company. Marble LDN provides an excellent conceptualization and storytelling service. With a talented team of creatives, they’ll work with event producers to craft a compelling narrative. From the narrative thread to brand interpretation and audience analysis, Marble LDN will no doubt leave you impressed.

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