Healthy PR Habits For ME In 2023

The back end of last year was a bit of a car crash for me, but things are really looking up now – that’s in my personal life, but also professionally. It’s quite clear that I lost my motivation when it came to blogging, so I thought to start the year afresh (because January doesn’t really count, does it) I thought I’d note down some healthy habits I’m planning to bring with me into 2023 and hope they may be of help to some of you too.

Separating Work & Home

I’ve banged the ‘work-life balance’ drum for as long as I can remember, but recently I’ve been my own worst aggressor when it comes to picking up unhealthy working habits. Taking the laptop downstairs with me to ‘blog’ and ending up checking up on emails or picking up work to try and ease the load the following day, started to become a common occurrence. As did checking my work phone frequently out of hours, which I always tell my team NOT TO DO. Working in PR, there’s an expectation to be ‘always on’ (my most hated phrase!) but in reality, nobody can live a nourished life under this kind of pressure, so sure, work around ways where you can be as available for clients as possible – but also understand your own boundaries.

Goal 1 – stop carrying your laptop around with you like a baby and shut it in your office overnight

Goal 2 – turn your work phone off at the end of the day

Knowledge Soup For Breakfast

I absolutely love podcasts and my Spotify Wrapped really calls me out every year for spending an obscene amount of hours listening to them. Regrettably for my professional career though, this is 100% paranormal and true crime-related content. Something I’ve never quite gotten into though is the business side of things With the exception of a couple including Azeem Digital Asks and Have You Got 5 Minutes, I don’t absorb nearly enough PR-related content, and I want that to change this year! I’m desperate to get on The Digital PR Podcast with Louise Parker and Steve Baker, so I’m planning to make that a ‘healthy habit’, to listen away with my morning cup of coffee.

Goal 3 – quit saying you’re *going to* listen to more podcasts, and DO IT this year

Celebrate The Little Wins

When I get caught up in a big bout of anxiety, I find it hard to appreciate the good in the ‘little things’, which typically I was good at. So that’s another of my goals for 2023 – to begin to celebrate them again. It’s really easy to feel disappointed with your own work, when there are so many shouting their successes on social media and the stats seem HUGE or the client wins are top tier. In reality, though, everyone goes through peaks and troughs with their successes and failures, and giving yourself a pat on the back for a good job done, no matter how big or small is really important for your own mental health and gratification.

Goal 4 – stop comparing yourself to everything you see on social, which ONLY shows the best of us

Goal 5 – share more of your little wins, be proud of them, own them

Goal 6 – the above, but with the people you work with too, who are JUST AS MEGA!

Let Creativity Be Led By Motivation

I’ve always found myself coming up with my best ideas when I’m inspired and motivated; doesn’t matter how many brainstorms… Meditation sessions… Extremely long hot showers I take, if I’m not feeling passionate, then the ideas simply don’t flow. Due to the ups and downs of the last few months, I’ve not been feeling as stimulated in my life as perhaps I normally am. Now I’m feeling much better, I’m determined to let the creativity flow again. I’ve already started seeing it and embracing it in feeling more inspired to write and go above and beyond in my job too, I can only hope now I have the good sense to keep hold of it and nurture it to grow even more!

Goal 8 – take note of your creative ideas like you used to, your notes app isn’t looking half as exciting as it used to be – it’s time to start writing down what’s in your head again!

Fall In Love With Blogging Again

Despite being named one of the best PR blogs for the THIRD year in a row last year (it will never stop being a ‘WTF’ moment to me!), my love for writing really waned last year. I found myself struggling to ever come up with new and original ideas, despite historically having so many. I did nearly throw in the towel when it come to my annual subscription, but now I’m feeling renewed and inspired once more, I’m very glad I didn’t. Now, I just need to make sure I put the time into creating content and listening to what people want to hear from me, too.

Goal 9 – write at least a couple of times a month on your blog, if not more

Goal 10 – stop letting your Creative Campaigns blogs pass you by every month, then frantically picking them up halfway through the following month (lol call yourself out 2023)

This blog inadvertently ended up being the diary entry I’ve been meaning to write myself since the clock struck midnight this January 1st. So welcome to the ramblings from my head, I guess, and with some luck, others might now be feeling as inspired as I am, to make 2023 the very best it can be. Always happy to chat on Twitter and LinkedIn about anything and everything PR (as well as other things for that matter) so drop me a line.

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