My Favourite Creative Campaigns Of November 2022

We’re very nearly at the end of the year but that’s not to say there are any feet on brakes in the marketing world. In fact, we PR veterans know that things only get busier over November and December before they veer off towards the end of the year. This means a very tired Jess. But it also means lots of fun marketing campaigns to talk about. Swings and roundabouts, so they say.

My Top 6 PR Campaigns Of November 2022

1. Ho Ho Ho, It’s Corn

The top spot this month goes to no other than my 2022 hero: corn kid, and his clever collaboration with Green Giant. TikTok aficionados (and probably even those who go out of their way to avoid it) would’ve heard the corn song this summer. I’m certain it’s in your head now – sorry! Anyway, hailed as the ‘collab we all needed’ this year, Green Giant, iconic for producing the sweet stuff, teamed up with Tariq to market its goods. Not only did this include interactive content and a giveaway, but there was also some CSR activity thrown in there for good measure, which everyone who knows me, will know I’m ALL over this. This little legend is the face of sweetcorn now and forever, it was only right one of the most well-known producers of it cash in. Love, love, love this. It’s cute and innovative, which sounds a lot like the kind of campaigns I’d love to work on.

2. Bye Bye Bounty

Catch me at a conference and I’ll chat away all day long about the ‘all publicity is good publicity’ argument. In November, Taylor Herring launched a campaign that saw the removal of bounty bars from certain Celebrations tubs, with the brand noting it’s not the most delectable option in the tin. The campaign earned itself a tonne of press coverage, but also saw some snappy replies too. If I can find it again, I’ll link it – but the comment I remember specifically was a journalist (?) calling out the campaign for spreading misinformation and disappointing customers who want to get their hands on one of the limited edition tubs. However, in this instance I side with the brand – the aim of this campaign was clearly to generate awareness and walkability in the run-up to Christmas, for a product that probably does most of its sales over this period, and they achieved that and then some. Also, I doubt shoppers are going to be too disgruntled not to get one of the boxes, just take the bounties out, or, grow up and eat them right? 😉

3. Sadly, He’s Coming Home

Although I try to keep it upbeat on these roundups, regrettably not all brilliant campaigns are positive ones. Recently I’ve covered the great BBC campaign that sought to highlight the devastating impacts climate of climate change, and the ‘party for nobody’, hosted by The Grenfell Community. Today, I’d like to highlight the beautifully devastating efforts of Women’s Aid. In a compelling new ad campaign, the charity brought a lot of attention to the fact that domestic abuse cases skyrocket during big sporting events such as the World Cup, which kicked off this month. Covered by the likes of NME and plastered all over social media, strong messages yield desirable results and this campaign did what it set out to in raising awareness of a very real problem in this country, and across the world. Hopefully, more will seek to support each other as the next few weeks progress, or indeed seek out help for themselves if they should sadly need it.

4. 2 Pints Of Lager And A Zinger Meal To Go

You’d think a big brand like KFC would run out of new ideas someday, but they never ever disappoint. About halfway through November, Hammersmith was treated to the opening of Colonel’s Arms, a fully functioning pub that’ll serve you popcorn chicken with your pints. This is a really neat campaign that creates a lot of talk-ability, and its launch tied in nicely with the beginning of the World Cup too – showing our favourite fried chicken brand sure knows how to make most of a good opportunity. Love this one!

5. DuoLingo, Offical Sponsors Of Qatar FC

Speaking of, there’s been a (more than) fair dose of controversy around the World Cup this year and its host nation. From brands getting slammed for getting involved with the sporting events, to others taking a very public stance of dissent – ever since Qatar was announced as the country for this year’s events there’s been a lot of disputation. All that aside, as that’s a whole other can of worms worth opening, one campaign I did love was that of DuoLingo, who this blog is a VERY public fan of. Thanks to the neverending wisdom of their marketing team, the brand bypassed strict advertising laws (not to mention all that controversy!) and instead inserted themselves right into the heart of the conversation, by instead sponsoring ‘the other Qatar’, an amateur football team from Rio de Janiero.

6. Art Reimagined For Our Times

And finally, this gal LOVES a bit of art – so Quentin Devine’s ‘Solve for Tomorrow’ competition winner, a partnership with Samsung, was always going to end up on this blog. The campaign reimagines classic paintings such as John Constable’s ‘The Hay Wain’ and John Everett Millais’ ‘Ophelia’ into what the reality might instead look like in a very grim 2022. All of this, of course, works to highlight the effects of climate change and global warming, as the paintings can now be seen strewn with rubbish, or fronting barren lands instead of beautiful scenery. This kind of stuff loves to get people taking, and I endlessly appreciate the craftsmanship behind it.

Credit: Sir John Everett Millais / The Sun

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