My Favourite Creative Campaigns Of June 2022

June brought with it the Platinum Jubilee celebrations for Her Royal Majesty, and it’s fair to say there was a healthy dose of PR campaigns on the heel of the action. But that wasn’t the only talk of the marketing town in June, I also spotted a handful of other campaigns I really had a lot for this month too. Here’s what piqued my interest, and what I think you will appreciate too!

My Top 4 PR Campaigns Of June 2022

1. A Royally Good Effort From The PRs Of The World

I actually wrote a whole blog on its own about the various Platinum Jubilee campaigns I’d seen before and during the 4 day weekend, there were loads of fantastic efforts from brands including McDonalds, Heinz and even the good old ‘blast from the past’ that any good 90s kid will remember – Lambrini! As a recap…

  1. McDonalds launched limited-edition bone china packaging so you can dine like a Queen
  2. Monzo gave nearly all of its team a week off to celebrate
  3. The Grenfell Community hosted a street party where nobody attended
  4. Heinz launched the BRILLIANTLY named ‘Salad Queen’ in our stores, alongside HM Sauce
  5. Nextdoor navigated us through neighbour awkwardness with Russell Kane
  6. Lambrini rebranded itself to Lamqueenie (which still makes me LOL)
  7. The Queen’s team themselves launches the lovely ‘Queen’s Green Canopy’
  8. English Heritage brought two icons together by projecting the Queen on to Stone Henge

You can read the full blog by clicking here, and discovering what I loved so much about this plethora of PR goodness.

2. #CuthBack And Causing Chaos

If there’s one brand that knows how to turn a potentially disastrous situation on its head, it’s Aldi. Since the infamy of the Colin v Cuthbert debacle earlier this year, the brand has been milking it to within an inch of its life. At the beginning of June, Aldi decided to bring back their chocolatey friend and as he made his debut in to stores once more, they announced #CuthBack with a series of moving billboards positioned outside of rival M&S Stores. I think Aldi have developed a really uniquely cheeky tone of voice, and I loved this stunt from them as it aligns so perfectly with what they’ve built, and also is a genius marketing tactic for announcing the return of what I imagine will come to be one of their most popular products of all time.

3. Stay In The Mystery Machine

Well if this isn’t a hearty dose of nostalgia, I don’t know what is! Another for the 90s babies, AirBnb (for the 20th anniversary of the Scooby Doo movie) announced a new campaign where you can spend a night in no other than the Mystery Machine itself. This blog is a HUGE fan of AirBnb and their PR tactics, they have a model that works and they execute it perfectly every single time. From the I’m A Celebrity castle, to the Moulin Rouge windmill, this is a brand that’s offered up an exciting and unique place to stay countless times, often with a topical twist thrown in for good measure. I’d love to be a part of the PR team that brings these campaigns to life, they never fail to excite me!

4. Creating The World’s Largest Jaffa Cake

As a Jaffa Cake and world record aficionado (a strange venn diagram that would make) I was a big fan of McVities 11 hour slug to bake the biggest biscuit, because yes – they are biscuits – the world has ever seen. They teamed up with Frances Quinn who won the Great British Bake Off in 2013 and apparently used 6kg flour, 160 eggs, and 8kg of melted chocolate to create their piste de resistance. Call me cheesy but I love a world record PR stunt, they’re a lovely bit of comic relief and often turn out great content that the press and public love. You can’t go wrong!

Where Else To Find Creative Inspo?

As I mention every month, there are a number of wonderful industry professionals who culminate weekly, fortnightly, or monthly newsletters that bring you all the best PR campaigns in the same place. If you like this blog I highly recommend you follow and read these too. They are…

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