In The News

Everyone knows I love to write, and from time to time I like to vocalise my thoughts in other places too. From expert comments to guest articles, here’s a list of all the places I’ve appeared recently.

  • PR Moment– Learning From The Christmas ads: How To Engage Audiences
  • Bulldog Media – 25 SEO Experts Talk About How SEO Will Change In 2020
  • PR Moment – Does PR Have An Age Problem?
  • PR Moment – Happiness At Work: What Are The Perks That Make You Smile?
  • Wadds – Print News Media Is Dying
  • PR Week – The School Curriculum Is Failing PR
  • Prowly – Why You Need PR To Be A Good Link Builder
  • PR Moment – Some PR Misconceptions
  • MK – How I Found My Way Into Digital PR
  • Vuelio – PRETTY DANGEROUS: How Can You Ensure The Influencers You Work With Stay Safe?
  • Cision – Don’t Underestimate The Power Of PR In SEO
  • VICE – The Issue With The Wet Wipe Reef In The River Thames
  • PR Moment – Which Degree Courses Make You ‘Good’ At PR?
  • PR Moment – Does PR Have A Drink Problem?
  • Bulldog Media – 34 Link Builders Talk About The Best Tactic For 2019
  • PR Place – Research: Proving The Value Of PR
  • Branswer – They Do Comms – Jessica Pardoe
  • The Independent – “I’m 21 And Don’t Drink – I’m Glad To Hear My Generation Is Making This The Norm”
  • iNews – The Generation Turning Their Backs On Alcohol
  • The Independent – Are Females Who Wear ‘Sexy’ Outfits To Graduation Less Capable?

(So that’s where you know me from!)