The Best PR Blogs

I’m all for sharing the love – and in an industry as talented and as diverse as this one, I thought it only right to use this platform to recommend some of my favourite PR bloggers too.

If you enjoy reading my posts and have a genuine interest in all things PR then I couldn’t recommend visiting the blogs of these lovely PR bloggers more. Take this page as your holy grail (if you like, I always love to be a bit dramatic) of blogs for all things PR, comms, social, marketing and digital. Every single person on this page is an expert in their own right, and a great blogger too. Basically, their content isn’t to be missed.

The best up to date PR bloggers and their


Marcel Klebba

Vuelio named him best PR blogger last year, so I think that speaks for itself doesn’t it? Marcel’s website is full of insight into the world of PR, digital, social and comms (and beyond).

Richard Bailey (PR Place)

Alongside an abundance of insightful (and extremely thought-provoking) posts, Richard also provides us with a weekly PR roundup every Friday. Containing the news of the week, the best #PRStudent blogs and a number of interesting and informative posts that aren’t to be missed.

Stephen Waddington

A PR blogger that truly knows his stuff, Stephen talks about corporate communications, public relations, marketing and social media on his site. It’s the perfect place to go if you’re looking for trusty expertise in any of these areas.

Ella Minty

The hostess of the weekly #PowerAndInfluence chat, and a prolific PR blogger too is Ella Minty. Her blog is always astute and ever compelling.

Scott Guthrie

If you ever want to learn more about influencer marketing, then i’d never point you anywhere else than Scott’s blog. Quick on the mark to talk about anything industry relevant, there’s not a blogger who can educate you on influencers better.

Orlagh Shanks

I’m not just biased because she’s my friend offline too. Orlagh’s blog was named best PR student blog by PR Place and for a very good reason. Her blog consists of a mix of PR and lifestyle related posts, and there’s plenty to read about her year in London on placement too (which i’m totally envious of, by the way).

Amanda Coleman 

An unquestionable PR and comms expert – Amanda has been blogging for over 8 years. So rest assured, she absolutely knows her stuff.

Paul Sutton

Paul started blogging almost a decade ago, so it’s fair to say he’s certainly an expert in the field of PR blogging. As an established digital media consultant, you can always trust his blog posts to educate and inform you in every sense of the manner.

Rachel Miller

Author of the All Things IC blog, Rachel really is an expert in communications. She uses her blog to cover all things internal comms and PR.

Yana Miladinova

Another of my PR blogging friends, Yana’s blog is fast growing and ever interesting. To find out about her PR journeys and opinions, you should certainly head over to her site.

Ulster PR Student blog

Though this isn’t just one person and their blog – I think the Ulster PR Student Blog platform is ingenious. A shared site for all members of the Ulster PR course to express themselves on, this PR blog gives you a whole range of opinions and insights from a bunch of talented authors.

Helen Deverell 

Not only is she the founder of her own consultancy, but Helen is a distinguished PR blogger too. Covering internal communication, but also taking the personal approach sometimes – i’d definitely recommend visiting Helen’s blog for how interesting yet educational it is.

Arianne Williams

Another winner of PR Place’s ‘best PR student blogger’ awards, Arianne is a great PR writer who’s sound at answering hard questions as well as being a little fun with her posts. (Any blogger who can

relate PR to the Great British Bake Off is top of the game in my eyes).

For more information on these PR bloggers, I’ve interviewed a great deal of them for my #MeetThePRBlogger series – so be sure to check those posts out.

The best PR blogs