#MyPRJob – what are the different jobs in PR?

So (hopefully) you now know whether you want to work within an in-house organisation or in an agency (see my last blog post from #MyPRJob). The next question is: what different jobs in PR out there? Before I started working within PR, I didn't really know what kind of job i'd be looking for as a… Continue reading #MyPRJob – what are the different jobs in PR?


Why Bad Employee Relations are Bad for your PR

Both Wagamamas and TGI Fridays have come under fire recently for not paying their staff the minimum wage and of course, it hit the news. It was recognised in the press that: Wagamama has repaid an average of £50 to 2,630 employees. TGI Friday's had to repay £25 each to 2,300 staff. Plus, this isn't the first… Continue reading Why Bad Employee Relations are Bad for your PR


NME Wave Bye-Bye to Print 👋🏻

I was a big fan of NME growing up and still continued to support them even as the copies grew smaller and smaller; even now I tend to pick one up on the way in to work. So, when I heard on the radio that today is to see their last ever printed copy go… Continue reading NME Wave Bye-Bye to Print 👋🏻


Getting my Voice Heard

I've been writing from an early age (and by early age I mean writing stories on our computer with the dial up modem when I was about 7 years old) and I've always loved it. So, why am I studying PR and not journalism? Wouldn't that be more my style? Maybe, but when I started uni… Continue reading Getting my Voice Heard


Switch it up or Leave it Alone?

Coca Cola is making some pretty big changes to its brand this year, including the redesign of their traditional Diet Coke packaging and the introduction of an array of new 'weird and wonderful' flavours to partner this: Ginger Lime Fiesty Cherry Zesty Blood Orange Twisted Mango One I thing we can all agree on is… Continue reading Switch it up or Leave it Alone?


Lacoste Just Dropped a Groundbreaking Campaign

Something that caught my eye this evening was the movements of famed polo brand Lacoste and their bold new resigns of the renowned white polo under their 'Save the Species' campaign'. Their new, limited edition designs will replace the iconic crocodile with an endangered species and will only sell as many polos as there are… Continue reading Lacoste Just Dropped a Groundbreaking Campaign


#MyPRJob – In-House or Agency?

I'd studied PR for 2 years completely unbeknownst to what kind of career would await me upon graduation, it was only when I started working within the industry that I realized what different jobs I could go in to within PR. Therefore, I decided to start a small series to help fellow PR students help… Continue reading #MyPRJob – In-House or Agency?


Snapchat and the $1.3 billion Mistake

As far as in-app update mistakes go, Snapchat topped the tables this week with their completely resigned interface that came with no prior warning or option to update. I think it's safe to say, having the app myself and following social media comments, that there's not a person who favours this update to its previous… Continue reading Snapchat and the $1.3 billion Mistake


Justin Forsyth Resigns from UNICEF – a Step in the Right Direction

Oxfam ought to take a step in UNICEFs direction, with their recent breaking news announcement that Deputy Director Justin Forsyth is resigning after facing three complaints of inappropriate behaviour towards female staff. The ex-boss of UNCIEF and Save the Children was said to have 'unreservedly apologised' to the three female staff at the head of… Continue reading Justin Forsyth Resigns from UNICEF – a Step in the Right Direction


Somaliland Passes Revolutionary Rape Law

Somaliland – not to be confused with Somalia – has taken an exemplary step in the right direction with its recent passing of the law surrounding rape. Before the new law (that precedents rape as illegal and sees its perpetrators facing up to 30 years in prison), it was common practice for a victim to… Continue reading Somaliland Passes Revolutionary Rape Law