How to Ace your PR Course

I've been meaning to write this post for a while now to get some advice out to my fellow PR students since I almost no longer fall under that category. (Scary!) My education journey is nearing closure and I'm now ready to get myself out there in the world of PR. Yet 3 years ago… Continue reading How to Ace your PR Course


Getting my Voice Heard

I've been writing from an early age (and by early age I mean writing stories on our computer with the dial up modem when I was about 7 years old) and I've always loved it. So, why am I studying PR and not journalism? Wouldn't that be more my style? Maybe, but when I started uni… Continue reading Getting my Voice Heard


The Global Crisis of Education Disparity

My newest article for Global Seven News is live - you can read it here. I wrote about this on the back of reading about the education, or lack of should I say, some third world children have and it pushed me to write about what i'd found. Please do have a read and if you… Continue reading The Global Crisis of Education Disparity