How far would you go for publicity? | Kourtney Kardashian in bathtub
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How Far Would You Go For Publicity?

It's naivety to think that anything the Kardashians or the Jenners do is accidental. You've heard the saying 'the devil works hard but Kris Jenner works harder' and it's entirely true. The Dash-Jenner PR machine is tireless and is one to be truly admired. I'm not a fan of their lifestyle, but I'm sure in awe of… Continue reading How Far Would You Go For Publicity?


Was Kanye right? Has life become a numbers game?

Kanye West - ever famous for being somewhat outspoken and never shy - has recently sparked up yet another conversation. This time, it's with the question: what would happen if our lives weren't so defined by numbers? In a world that's becoming slightly Black Mirror-esque, social popularity is becoming more and more important. So much to the point that not only has social media become a big part of our lifestyle, but also in our careers. Which i'm not saying is a bad thing by the way, part of my job includes social media management - and I love being able to use platforms to make a difference. The way that it should be used.