A Royal Affair Of PR Campaigns πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‘‘

It’s the eve of the Jubilee and I’m about to close my laptop for the long weekend (thanks Her Maj!), however, I couldn’t finish up without a little ‘platinum special’ Creative Campaigns round up, seeing as there have just been so many brilliant efforts that have caught my eye! From patriotic packaging to seasonal stunts, it’s been fantastic to all these businesses get into the spirit of things as they involve themselves in the celebrations in their own special way.

7 Knighthood-Worthy PR Campaigns

1. A Meal For McMajesty

Louise Page’s LinkedIn post caught my eye yesterday, or should I say – the pictures did. I’d heard about this prior to seeing the post, but reading about McDonald’s Jubilee-themed switch up that “escalated at pace” really gave me one of those ‘I wish I’d thought of that’ moments. What started as a change to branding quickly grew into something bigger – not only are the company now offering limited-edition bone china packaging so you can dine like a royal, but they also teamed up with a 35-piece orchestra to re-record a Jubilee rendition of McDonalds’ world-famous jingle. I’m McLovin’ that!

2. Monzo Extends The Party

PR isn’t always floating something down the Thames or more recently, sending something to space. I’ve said many times in the past that being a good employer is one of the best ‘underdog’ methods of marketing your company – people love a relatable brand that’s not all about selling, selling, selling. Challenger bank Monzo (one of my favourite businesses out there alongside Starling) extended its staff’s leave from Monday – Wednesday, meaning they could take a whole week off for the Jubilee to recharge and most importantly… Celebrate! Being a good employer doesn’t just attract and retain top talent, it absolutely improves your wider reputation too. This blog is a big fan.

3. A Lonely Jubilee Party

Though there has been an abundance of lovely Jubilee PR campaigns, powerful doesn’t always have to mean positive. Alongside big brands, activism groups have also taken the opportunity of all this media attention to rally support for their own causes. The Grenfell Community did this in one of the most poignant examples I’ve ever seen. Sombre but effective, the organisation held a street party with seats for 72 – except nobody attended. The whole thing was orchestrated to draw attention to the number of people who died in the Grenfell fire disaster, with no follow-up action from the authorities. PR is all about evoking emotions to tell a story, and I don’t think this group could have done a better job at that.

4. Salad Queen For Your Sandwiches?

Heinz actually made my Creative Campaigns blog back in April for their regal rebrand, changing their classic salad cream to ‘salad queen’, HP sauce to ‘HM sauce’, and my favourite, launching ‘Queenz Beanz’. You can read more about why I loved it by clicking here, but in short it was bang on brand, early to the party, and simple-but-effective.

5. Goodbye To ‘Nextdoor’ Neighbour Awkwardness

I do love a campaign that brings lots of different elements together, because I can imagine the effort that went into it and I applaud it! I noticed this one by Nextdoor on The Drum. The company partnered with Russell Kane to produce a guide on navigating inviting (or not) your neighbours to your Jubilee bashes. In a survey (LOVE how they added that in there too), the business found that almost three quarters have never invited a neighbour to an event they are hosting or attending. So they fixed the problem! This is a lovely lighthearted piece that bring several channels together in perfect harmony. I really like it.

6. Lamqueeni For The Platty Joobs?

This one gets a shout out because not only did it make me laugh, it also kickstarted the nostalgia of hanging out in parks as a teenager. Everyone’s favourite underage bevvy Lambrini has launched a limited-edition ‘Lamqueeni’ bottle to to mark the Platinum Jubilee. Sometimes it really is that simple. Thanks to my lovely colleague Jill for pointing this out, and for the trip down memory lane.

7. Plant A Tree For The Jubilee!

This one actually came from the Royal Family itself, and disclaimer: I’m aware of it as I’ve got clients who are kindly getting involved, but you guys know I love anything around sustainability and environmental impact. For her 75 years of reign, Her Majesty launched ‘The Queen’s Green Canopy’ which has seen tree planting taking place across the nation, from members of the public with one in their garden, to big businesses making huge pledges. My client Combermere Abbey is planting 889 trees this year to mark the occasion! Big fan of this!

8. When British Legacy Comes Together

You may know I’ve a real love for historic homes and heritage sites ever since starting to work with them at Source, so naturally I was a big fan of the Queen’ portraits being projected onto Stonehenge, bringing “two British icons together”. This isn’t groundbreaking – it’s not going to change the world – but is a nice visual campaign that got eyes on Stonehenge in a charmingly British manner. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that many of us are more patriotic than we thought. Though simple, I think this campaign is the embodiment of that, and I loved it. Well done English Heritage!

9. KFC’s Coronation Burger

Food and drink companies are really dominating the efforts this year! I think they have so much creative potential that it’s fantastic to see them making full use of that. I learned in the office yesterday that coronation chicken was actually created for the crowning of Queen Elizabeth back in the 50s (makes sense I suppose) so it was only a matter of time before one of the big foodie companies jumped on the trend this year. Kudos for KFC for getting there first, their limited-edition limited-edition Coronation Chicken Tower Burger, complete with a dollop of coronation mayo and β€˜crowned’ with a hash brown, got some great exposure!

I love that Deliveroo got involved too – honourary mention for them!

Any more for any more? Pop me a note on Twitter, I always love discovering new bouts of creative genuis! Enjoy your long weekends everyone! πŸ˜‹

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