Flack Attack: Caroline’s Career-Busting Moment

You’ve probably heard the news about Caroline Flack, the antecedent Love Island presenter. Flack has (quite rightly so) bulldozed into the public eye and the media recently after her boyfriend called the Police on her over claims that she’d abused him.

As more and more evidence comes to light, it now transpires that Caroline threw a lamp at Lewis Burton – her partner – while he was sleeping. Cracking his skull. This is because she thought he was cheating on her, which, of course, fails to condone her actions in the slightest.

Since the acquisition, Caroline’s career is very much on a downward spiral. Waning from her ‘decision to leave Love Island’, to just being all-around ‘cancelled‘ by the public. Us Brits are pretty unforgiving, and when an individual is outed for domestic abuse – something that’s getting so much more attention nowadays – their image will seldom recover. Especially when the act doesn’t conform to typical stereotypes. Male domestic victims are still very much overshadowed and thus the uncommonness of this case makes it a very, very talkable one.

Is Caroline Cancelled?

For the aforementioned reasons, the fact that this debacle is set to be so high-profile means that Caroline is undoubtedly ‘cancelled’.


With the population, especially on social media, becoming more and more woke – I doubt forgiveness is in order for a domestic abuser. Even more so as more details of that gruesome incident comes to light.

Caroline’s name has been consistently trending on Twitter alongside her partner’s Lewis Burton and hashtags such as #AbuseHasNoGender. Articles have also surfaced that suggest Caroline is getting ‘support and therapy’, which is only angering people more and fuelling the need to see Flack wiped of her ‘celebrity’ status.

Because of how progressive society is nowadays, and because of how social media and the news can really spark a conversation like wildlife, I would have to say that Caroline Flack’s career is pretty much in the gutter. People seldom forget incidents such as these. When somebody who is so prominently in the public eye becomes subject to such news, it’s hard for them to escape the smear on their name.

Here’s just one such example that I spotted last night…

Screenshot 2019-12-23 at 15.23.39.png

I implore you to read the replies to this tweet and tell me the public will let Caroline Flack off scot-free. Almost 9 years after Alonso was involved in a car accident which proved fatal for a 22-year old woman, the footballer’s name is still very much tarnished for it.

The same will happen to Caroline Flack, but (I can only anticipate) on a wider scale.

Even if Caroline does return to our screens – which I really highly doubt at this point – she’ll struggle to reverse the reputation she’s skewed for herself. Though some may forget… Many won’t. And when you work in television, it’s much harder to escape the critics.

What do you think? Is Caroline’s career over? Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter.

If you have been subject to domestic abuse you can call the Men’s Advice Line on 08088010327 or the National Domestic Abuse Helpline on 0808 200 0247.

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